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Rhonda & The Rage
Good News.....Clarence went home from the hospital today!!!

He's not out of the woods yet, but we will continue to send him good thoughts and prayers of healing, and wish him all the best!!!

Julia & Richard
That's what we want to hear!!! Glad to hear you are home Clarence!

We love you too!!
GREAT News!!! I'm so glad to hear this!

The Ol' Dawg

Good news !!!

Tom Alman



Ed & Vicki
GREAT NEWS.  Glad to hear that you are home.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

Ed & Vicki
Kim From MO
That is wonderful news!  Hope Mr. Berry continues to improve!

Kim from MO
Sandy & Mitchell

That is GREAT news.

Robert Hall
I am glad to read that Clarence is home!--my prayers will be with him and his family as he recovers!--and to Hunter too,who no doubt has been under a lot of stress worrying about his dad, as he tours with Rhonda...prayers to you too Hunter!..

Best wishes to Rhonda and the Rage as the tour continues,for safe travels and many sell out shows!...

August isn't the same here without seeing Rhonda at the Podunk Festival in CT..wish I could see her sooner than next summer..

Good morning to Louise,Tom,Charles,Lib,and all the other Ragers..hope you have a good weekend,and good weather..

We are still having thunderstorms about every day here--some places got 4" of rain or more yesterday alone not 20 miles from me!-yet we only got quick downpour about 9:30 pm last night!--with thunder that shook the house like a bomb!.

..Very strange weather here for August--weather man says we are stuck in a "winter" jet stream that is very unusual for this time of year.. I'm calling this the "summer that never was"..been raining a lot more than not--16 days of June and
July it rained,and 13 out of 15 in August so far..


Wonderful news. Let's all continue to pray for continued health and blessings for the Berry family. Love ya Hunter.  

Mary C.

Great news! Prayers continue for the Berry family.

Great News!!!!!!!!! Prayers being answered!!!!!

Glad you are home, Clarence!!!


The Cookie Clan
That's great news!  Goes to show there is power in prayer!

Love ya Hunter!!
That's the greatness news of the day............. Glad to hear things are better for the Berry Family!
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