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Good Afternoon Ragers!

I was searching the cmt website and came upon something called CMT Loaded.  Basially, it's a separate player to watch vides on CMT.  You can create a playlist of video to watch and it will play them all! Now, you won't have as much carpel tunnel from clicking and you can just sit back and enjoy watching this awesome video!!

Here's the link, let me know if it doesn't work.

Tom Alman
Great find Courtney! Look for Rhonda's video in Music and then Prime Cuts. It take a second to figure out but I did it. Which is a miracle in itself LO)L! Thanks again Courtney!!!

Tom Alman
Instead of Prime Cuts try Music Blitz and scroll down to Rhonda's picture!!!

Tom Alman
Music Binge! I stand corrected LOL!!!

CT Strickland Jr.

The way courtney mentioned or even clicking on the artist page for Rhonda Vincent (Under "V") will allow you to view the video in a screen that allows you to click enlarge and watch it big screen on yuor monitor.

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