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Don't know the actual temp outside, but the 30 mph winds makes it feel around 20 below. Be careful out there. If you don't have to go anywhere, then I wouldn't. Stay in and throw another log on the fire.

It's COLD outside!!!!!!!
The never ending winter.

Just checked the thermometer, and it says it's 8. Feels much colder than that. It's so cold my teeth couldn't chatter because my lips were froze shut.

Herb, can we move the cruise sail date up to tomorrow and stay thru Feb 8th??? If spring training were going on now I'd just leave early and go to Bradenton to get out of this cold
Kim From MO
Herb, Julia, and the rest of us huddled for warmth,
As cold as it is, have you checked the forecast for the next couple of days?  It's going to be colder!!  Brrrrr!  I REALLY won't want to get out of bed (not that I ever do)!!

Kim from very cold Jefferson City MO
Ann (eh)

It is a little cold here in the "North"............ -13 .........I know that 13 is
Rhonda's favorite number, but I think she really would like it better without the - sign. 

I'm with Julia.

Dear, Wonderful, All Caring, Official Bikini Inspector Herb ()....... can we please move the cruise date up to tomorrow?   I'm ready to leave RIGHT now!!!   (Our bags are packed)

Uncle Pen's Friend
Ann, you and Don better drive fast if you are going to make it to Florida by tomorrow.  

I have to admit that it is cold outside but I think of my cousin and her family in Minot, ND and the 40+ inches of snow they have had in the last month.   The only part of their mailbox and post is the mailbox.   They can only see the rooves of the houses across the street.   She left to go pick up her boys at school and came home.   She was gone 30 minutes and couldn't get in her driveway with 4-wheel drive.   Thanksfully the neighbor blew open a path for her to get to the garage.    And her poor dog, Ali.    The dog went out to play and came back to the door, which was just shoveled within 30 minutes and was standing in 3 inches of snow again.  

It must be a never ending circle of shoveling, blowing, and rest.  

I will say this though,  I would rather have the cold and some snow than the freezing rain and sleet we've gotten so far this year.    Maybe I'll put the snow blower in the front yard with a for sale sign on it.  HMMMM

Stay warm and enjoy the cruise!!!!! 
OK...Just because I like you guys....the official start of the cruise will be Saturday. This should give you ample time to reach Florida.

Geeeeze I'm such an old softie.
Ann (eh)
Hey Amy.....if Don would let me drive we would be there really, really fast......provided we didn't have to stop.  We could make it in 25 hours non-stop.  
On second thought Dear Herby...... could we arrange for the cruise to leave......say at the latest Friday morning???????     (jk)

Amy, this winter we have had a real mixed bag of weather.  We still have lots of snow and Don has been very busy at work.  Over the Christmas break he averaged 18 calls a day, and the other ambulance was just as busy.  The night shift was just about the same.  Crazy!
Whatever you do don't put the snow-blower for sale or you just might get more snow that you bargained for!!
I know we will sure enjoy the cruise......Andrew is looking very forward to it.

Ann (eh)
Dear Old Softie Herb.............We'll take it .............
Just one question?????? 
Which Saturday are you talking about? (I have my suspicions)  
Dean the Boston Boy
Herb, everybody:

Same is true in Boston, we have started a major cold snap today ('teens to 0) and no end in sight for a few days.

Can I stow away on the cruise? Only January 14th and I am already sick of New England winter.

However there is a bright side - I could be living in Illinois or Michigan...

Robert Hall
Herb,I hope you have plenty of wood and fuel oil,or natural gas,whatever your furnace uses!...our furnace has been running about 35 minutes out of each hour, for quite a few days lately..

Like Dean,I'm very sick of the winter here too ,so far we've gotten more snow already than usually falls all winter here,over 40" --and it's been cold too,and WINDY--we've had more days with 30-60 mph winds here lately than ever before--I told here how my sisters area was devastated by that ice storm last month that wiped out most of the power grid ,she was without power for 2 weeks,and hundreds of poles came down and transformers blew,it was like a war zone up her way!..

Today its only 15 degrees here now,with 30-40 mph wind gusts!..and friday it will likely not get much above zero,with wind chills of -30..my diesel truck will likely never start !..

Just walking 200' to my mail box is enough to get frostbite,and last night it rained,(36 degrees ,it was the "warmest day" of the week)on top of the of inch of snow left on my driveway--now its frozen solid,turned it into 2" thick ice--I'll have a hard time plowing, if we got more snow as predicted tomorrow,with that ice under the snow,my bald truck tires wont get much traction on ice.. .

I'm wishing now I'd have moved farther south long ago,I knew I should have stayed in TN when I went there in the 90's!..Arizona or Florida would be even better,I can deal with heat,but can't seem to get WARM once I get chilled anymore..been bad enough being ill the past two months,this weather has only made it much more miserable.
I pray we get a "January Thaw" later this month,and old man winter takes February off!..

Jane H
Herb, I would say it is even colder than cold,knowing we are no-shows on the BEST BLUEGRASS CRUISE there ever was!! Cant complain because we have been so lucky to enjoy the past 3 fan-tastic RV cruises and are definites for the Panama Canal next year.....
We have an outside shower for when we come in from the beach.I knew it was near zero degress when we woke to the outside shower pipes burst and hot/cold water flowing all over the back yard yesterday. At that moment I really hated that we are not gonna know warm weather for what seems to be a long time.
Oh well....thanks Ann,eh for reminding me that SM will be here before we know it  Really looking forward to Hughesgrassin this year, we still have to sit w/the festival guide and plot our travels.
In the meantime, bon voyage to all you lucky cruisers, we'll see you soon.


was so cold here that the Tidy Bowl man was wearing ice skates

earl austin
cheer up people! As miserable as it is, it could be worse...it could be 100 degrees instead of near 0. At least you can always put on more than clothes than you can take off--and a body like mine looks better covered up in Carharts than uncovered...

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