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I know that temperatures in the 20s sounds like nothing compared to y'all, but it was 80 on Christmas day so it's pretty cold here in Louisiana this week. haha  I've been painting outside for extra money and I'm freezing!

Stay warm!


Rhonda-> where it's WA
Dear Herby,

I would like to say THANK YOU for booking us in CALIFORNIA!!!

It's a BEE-U-TEE-FULL DAY here!!! 
Oh that's just mean Rhonda While the rest of us are FREEZING you're teasing us Now I wouldn't dream of doing that when I'm on the cruise and call Richard to see how cold it is in WV

I know I should say something right about now, but I just couldn't think of anything.....

Mike B

She could give her thoughtful booking agent a nice bonus.  Just a thought...

Karen in CA & MO
Oh Herb,
I'm sorry to hear about your temp's. The golf course's in town have no ice delay's and are waiting for you to come and enjoy !! Tomorrow is to be around 80 but to tell you the (sick) truth we would much rather be in MIssouri on our Farm.
Can't wait to see Rhonda this Sat. night. I might bring her a bag of California Oranges and Avocado's to bring back to you. Does that make you feel better?
It is now -8 and -37 below windchill. I wonder what the temp is in San Diego?

I think I'll put on the long johns, and head to bed.

Night all.

It is very cold here in S'ville.  Herb see if you can book Rhonda and the Rage in Alaska -60  

Mike B

Karen - our Giant Schnauzer "Sammy" came to us from a breeder in Bolivar, MO.  Now we know why he likes to play in bitter cold weather here - it reminds him of home!

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