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BTW....I heard the Prez was rooting for The Ohio State last night.

Not that it makes any difference, but thought you should know.
Tom Alman
Can I get the Prez to cheer for the Bucks one more time tonight?

Mike Garlock
Hey Julia,

    If I send you a complete georgetown Wardrobe would you wear it?  Mike G.

P.S.-I'll throw in the Patrick Ewing's Sneakers you can go for a canoe ride!
You should be very proud of the Buckeyes. I thought they played a very good game. It was a very entertaining game to watch also.

Amen to that! At least they came to play, and that's more than I can say for the Crimson Tide. What a pitiful, pitiful showing against Utah. A simple matter of grossly underestimating your opponent. The Utes kicked us in the teeth and we never knew what hit us. But the upside is that we had a much better year than anyone expected, and I can't wait until National Signing Day. If rumors are any indication, we should be in the Top 5 nationally in recruiting.

But back to OSU ... Terrell Pryor is going to be scary good very, very soon. The future looks very bright for Brutus and the Buckeyes, that's for sure! Congrats to OSU on a superb effort!

- Bama

I'm glad that everyone was so entertained, because I was a complete basket case.  Sometimes I give myself the creeps. 

Bama, I agree with you about Pryor as a runner, but his passing needs a lot of improvement.  I'm sure he's planning to work on it.

Good luck tonight, Sparty, although you probably won't need it.  Julia can't help you because she doesn't watch basketball.  It's her only flaw.  How anyone can not like basketball is beyond my comprehension, but I guess it takes all kinds.  I've even heard that there are some people who think that the great RHONDA VINCENT would look better with short brown hair.  That's just NUTS!
Tom Alman
Just between you and me GLK who's lookin' at just her hair! That Dear Herby, or Suammi or what ever his name is is one lucky guy!!!

Hey Tom...If you're "not just looking at her hair" then what are you looking at?????

You are right about 1 thing...she is a beautiful lady, and I'm the luckiest guy on earth.
The Ol' Dawg
Just between you and me GLK who's lookin' at just her hair! 

Hey, Tom - Don't believe I'd a told THAT !!!    
Tom Alman
I meant her hands. She has the mot beautiful hands HEE! HEE! I've been in trouble more then one time in my days and probably will again LOL!!!


LOL Tom!!! She does have remarkable hands, but her eyes are the best!!! Her smile isn't bad either since she got new teeth.

Tom Alman
She is one pretty Lady Herby! She has been pretty good to us fans over the years too! It don't get much better then that. In all seriousness Rhonda should be in that Opry by this time. Every time she goes there it is electric!!!

Tom Alman
By the way Rhonda. I didn't bring up the teeth.

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