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Mike Garlock
Hi Everyone,

    Here's a Link to my Kodak Photo Gallery:


I clicked and then signed on with my login, but I didn't see any pics. What did I dew wrong?
Mike Garlock
Try this one Vito:


I'm not a Rocket Scientist.  Mike G.
Hi Mike,
 I tried both and couldn't get them, hon, if you have time please call a Rocket Scientist, lol,( just kidding,) can't wait to see them, I know you will get it worked out.
 Thanks a rager fan and Mike g. fan



still not working for me


Harry - He's just messing with us.... keeping us in suspense............ These better be good Mr. Garlock!!!

Mike Garlock

I'm Uploading them to my "Myspace Page" as I type.  I should be finished tomorrow.  Mike G.

86, 99 & KAOS
Mike......Let Brenda know that we had one of the underwater cameras developed (the other two are not finished yet) and the pics turned out okay.  "KAOS" did a good job taking the photos. As soon as we have the others done (Katie, "Control", is home for reading week and she will use the cameras up) we will get them developed and send you guys the pictures.
We sure miss everyone.  It won't be long till SM and we can all be together again.  We need to talk Brenda and Calvin into coming to the Mountain this year.
Mike Garlock
Morning 86 & 99,

    One night at Dinner I asked Calvin what his planner looked like the first Week in July.  He pulled it out and said it was empty.  I made him get up walk over to Rhonda's table and ask her for a Pen.  Then in front of her I watched him write down SALLY MOUNTAIN on those dates.  So, technically he has it booked for this Year.  Mike G.
Thanks Mike.
Mike Garlock
If you Have a MySpace Acount you can view my Cruise Picture's there.  If not set one up it is Painless.  Mike G.


I will have more Pictures tomorrow.  They load to myspace slow.
Nashville Redhead
Ummmmmm. Mike? Ummmmmm. It didn't take me to your myspace page to view the aforementioned photos that we now all believe are faux!   If you receive this SOS signal, please put up the link to your myspace page or call a Rocket Scientist. It's Saturday, they are probably not busy!....... Did you even go on the cruise?????
Midwest Rocket Scientist

Click on the last MySpace link given....................off to one side find the bar that says 'find your friends on MySpace'................type in Mike Garlock...............TA DAH!!!!  you're there.

Midwest Rocket Scientist

Sorry.............You have to go to the third Mike Garlock and click on him..........

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