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Great Photos, Mike!

p.s. Try this link... It should take you right to the album!


Gary Kennedy
Dear Mr. Garlock,

I thoroughly enjoyed your photos of the RHONDA VINCENT Bluegrass Cruise, especially the ones showing the legendary Hunter Berry changing from his swimming suit into his birthday suit.

Your pictures loaded very quickly.  Although it's painless to set up a myspace account, loading it is usually quite painful.  My computer seems to be getting slower and slower.  I think I need to call a Rocket Scientist, but I don't know any.

I was rooting for Syracuse today, which almost cost them the game, but it worked out in the end.  I wanted to see the Hoyas fall off of the bubble.  I'm trying to get to the Big Dance.  See you there!

Mike Garlock
Hi Gary,

    I will be adding more Photos tomorrow.  Thanks for the Syracuse mention.  I really wanted to go today, but after being gone 12 day's I couldn't ask anyone to work for me.  The Carrier Dome had the highest attendance of the Year today 31,843 people.  Here everyone loves Syracuse and anyone that beats Georgetown.  It's been that way as long as I can remember.  Syracuse has a great team, but the last few games they can't seal the deal.  Earlier this Week they had a 1 point lead at the half against Uconn and lost.  March is coming and I love the Big Dance.  Syracuse has Hosted before and I always go to get to see teams we normally don't get to see.  Not this year though.  Take care...Mike G.
Mike thanks for the pictures, and Amy thanks for giving us the sight, went right to the pictures, enjoyed them so much, it is late so I will look at them again tomorrow, got to get some sleep.
 You guys are so great for sending these pictures out Mike really, thanks again.
     Linda from Ind.
Great pictures Mike.  Enjoyed seeing them
Mike Garlock

I finally have all me acceptable Cruise Pictures Uploaded To My space.  Everyone have a great day.  I'm closing the Store at 1:00 and then off the the Chili Contest.  Mike G.

Mike Garlock
Good Morning,

    Brenda, Don(86) & Ann (99) Did a Underwater Scooter ride in St. Thomas.  He just sent me some Picture's.  I posted the on MYspace if anyone wants to see them.  They all highly recommended it.  Mike G.
Mike Garlock
Here's the Link:

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