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Robert Hall
I love too many of Rhonda's songs to list them all,I'd be here all night!..everything from the first song I heard her singing in 1993 "I'm Not Over You", right up to "Scorn Of A Lover" on her latest CD..and more!....many of her gospel songs help me get through dark days and long nights when I'm not feeling well..
I think her new picture here in the left corner looks like an angel hovering over me..

I hope it will be OK to mention some other artists songs here,since Rhonda and many others here have already,I guess it's OK??..

Courtney,I have wanted to get Rosanne's CD "Black Caddilac"!!-- ever since it came out,I have heard nothing but good reviews about it..so far I haven't had the cash to buy any "new" cd's though,and some of my other favorite artists have had CD's out for over a year now,that I just haven't been able to get yet..
I love many of her older songs..

I think Pam Tillis's "Rhinestoned" was great,her song "Over My Head " is a spiritual uplifting one..she still sound great!.

Normally I buy CD's right at a concert in hopes of getting them signed--but I have been forced to miss many shows lately due to poor health..and no money,even if I had felt good enough to go!

A few weeks ago I bought quite a few "used" CD's at a flea market,something I dont normally do,because it robs the artist of income..but I bought mostly albums I'd already bought years ago new from the artists at concerts,and at stores on cassette ,that have now either been "eaten" by my tape player or so worn out the sound was poor,so when I saw them on CD for a dollar each,I couldn't resist..

Many of them brought back many good memories..and I got a few of artists and bands I'd liked,but never could afford to buy back then--many have stopped performing or broken up now..

Some artists and songs I liked on them were :

"Wishes" and "If I'm Not Already Crazy" by Lari White (that whole CD is awesome)..

"Feed Jake",Honky Tonk Blues",and "Anything Goes" by the Pirates of the MIssissippi..that song has some good thoughts ..

"Some people have holes in their britches"
Some people have holes in their heads"
"Some people go chasing rainbows"
"Some people just stay in bed"
"Nobody knows all the answers"
"Everybody walks a different road"
"So live and let live"
"Anything Goes"...

Another CD I got to replace a cassete I wore the tape out on, was Michelle Wright's "Now and Then"...anyone remember? :

"Take It Like A Man" (*steady and strong--not a lot of fuss and carrying on")..big hit for her,great tune,many great songs on that cd,including "He Would Be Sixteen" and "The Change"..but the one of hers I like best on that cd is :

"One Time Around"..because it's so true!..

I just realized tonight
Your not like all the others
Till now I never wanted love,I only wanted lovers
Now you and me have things to do
And no time to be wrong
Cause life is one big circle,and the circle ain't that long..
You get one time around--one roll of the dice
One walk through the garden,one quick look at life
The time that you lose
Can never be found
The world keeps turning
You get one time around

I know I cant taste it all
There's just too many flavors
Now you've got me thinkin bough home,kids,and neighbors
Tomorrow's gonna come right on time
The clock ain't gonna stop
But it sure would make a difference
If your in my arms or not

And we cant go back
and we cant see the road ahead
But we're on the right track
Let's make the rest of it
The best of it
Cause we only get

Some others I like a lot are Chely Wright's
"Picket Fences" and "Why Do I Still Want You",a great tune I think Rhonda could do beautifully..

"Cain's Blood" by 4 Runner was one I haven't heard in year too,that I liked..

Music is what keeps me alive I think,and how I judge the passage of time,by when a certain song came out or was a hit..like Trisha Yearwoods "The Song Remembers When" says..does that make any sense to anyone else but me ??..

Great suggestions everyone!  Thanks for letting me know what you're listening to now.  I think I could talk about music forever and not get tired of it. 
I loved the song "Cain's Blood" by 4 Runner.  I have looked high and low for the song.  I like to download a lot of music, especially by the older artists that I only liked a few songs of their songs, and I can't find this song anywhere.  I don't even hear it on the radio anymore.  I did find the video on YouTube.
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