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How was your day today? Tell me about it. Need any problems solved? Need good advice? Send your cards and letters to "Dear Herby" I'll answer them right here on this forum. You may, or may not like the answers I give, but you will get an answer.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Dear Herby,

Last night when I crawled into bed at 2 a.m. my wife said, "Harry, is that you?"

I said, "It better be."

Then I got to thinking that maybe something was fishy.  What do you think?

Charlie K
Dear Herby:
   My 16 year old daughter (Mackenzie) did poorly in English this year in high school and will now have to go to summer school. I already bought her a plane ticket to come to Sally Mountain but it looks like she wont be able to go. That's bad enough, but she is also endangering my chances of going since "the other queen" doesn't like it when I go off on a bluegrass fling and leave her at home with the kids. If I don't make it to Sally Mountain, life won't be worth living.
   Please help.
Bewildered....I would say you have nothing to worry about. Now, if she said...."George" is that you? or Fred or Billy? But since she got the right name I would'nt worry. It's always good to ask someone this question, just to make sure the right person is in the right room. Does she talk in her sleep? Is it you she's talking about? If the answer to both of these questions are "yes" then don't think a thing about it. (Hopefully my name never comes up. This would be very bad.)

Now, to the 2nd part of this question. You wanted to know if I "thought something was fishy." Fishing can be done in many ways. I prefer Crappie fishing...using minnows. This of course should never be attempted in the bedroom, and should be reserved for men. Women can clean and cook them for us to eat. Don't ever let them in the boat with you. And never let them catch anything. You'll never be able go fishing alone again if this happens.

Good advice from "Dear Herby"

Have a great day!!!!!
Charlie K.

There is a simple answer for this. Take her out of summer school. Plane tickets are too expensive to waste, and who needs English anyway. She can always learn Spanish if she fails at English. I say bring the whole family to Sally Mountain.
Does Mackenzie want to go to summer school? If not, then she'll enjoy Sally Mountain more, and you will have peace of mind knowing you didn't buy those plane tickets for nothing. And the "other Queen" won't have to take care of the kids by herself. It's a win/win situation.

Have a great day Charlie K!!!! Say hello to the "other Queen" for me.
Cal Gary
Dear Herby,

I was flying home to San Diego last night and we went right past the baseball stadium during the landing.  I didn't even realize that the Cardinals were in town.  We couldn't see the field or the scoreboard, but I could tell that the Padres were losing, because the lights were on.

So here's my question.  Do you think that I might have some special psychic powers, like maybe ESPN or something?


Cal Gary....you might be on to something here. ESPN is very powerful stuff. It has to be controlled, corraled, and used for the betterment of mankind. I think you might have acquired this through RVR concert attendance. It is commonly understood and scientically proven that the more RV shows you attend the wiser you become. As many shows as you have been too, you should be the head of NASA, President of the United States, and CEO of Lower Management. The sky is the limit for you. Your upside potential is endless. Most likely a 5 tool player.

Have a great day!!!!
Dear Herbie,

I see you are a doctor as well as a psychologist.  You are a man of many trades! (OK Let me stop feeding your ego )

Do you have any remedies for sleep?  By the time I get home from work/finish studying, it's really late and I'm wide awake.  It usually takes hours before I can finally get to sleep (Does the time of my post give any indication? haha


Sleepless in Tennessee
She did mention your name in her sleep once that I know of, but that was after watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on tv.  I just assumed she was talking about the little blonde haired dentist.  Now I'm going to be listening more intently.
Women can clean and cook them for us to eat 

I see some feedback coming on this one, lol.
p.s.  Courtney, this is for you
Jane H
Charlie, Jim and I agree w/Dear Herby. Skip the summer school and bring the whole family. We had such a great time w/all of you for the short time you were there last year. Bring her English book and set aside study time each day for her. I even think Herb lets his daughters skip school for big events like cruises, especially the Bluegrass Cruise( Tensel, I hope this helps ) Perhaps Mackenzie can do some extra credit work before school is out to get her grade to passing???Tell her we are rooting for her.
J n J
Dear Sleepless in Tennessee,

This is a problem for Dr. Herb. He would be best qualified to answer this. Let me wake him up to answer your question.

Good morning Goalie Chick....Dr. Herb here. Sleep deprivation is very common in college students these days. Most are too busy with work, studying, chasing hockey playing boys, eating crawdads. (I think the latter would keep me up all night)
You are young, and sleep isn't as important to you as would be for folks my age. You can survive with 5-6 hrs per night. Now, if you are getting less than that, I would suggest the following.

1. Try counting sheep...or in your case, cute hockey players. This could work for you. As we all know, the key to a good nights sleep is being able to relax first.

2. Change your diet. No more cajun food. Causes the body many problems. Acid reflux is a major cause in sleep deprivation. Eat more grits. Your in Tennessee now.

3. A glass of red wine each evening around 8 pm. while listening to old Gordon Lightfoot records should help. Red wine is high in anti oxidents, which is good for the body. Old Gordon Lightfoot records will put anybody to sleep. The "Best of Bread" is good also. Very good mood music in case you catch 1 of those hockey players also.

Try these things Sleepless, and let me know.

Have a great day, and a better night!!!!!
Dear Dr. Herby,

Thank you for the timely response.   I didn't have any Gordon Lightfoot albums, but some good ol Hank Snow albums are doing the trick for me.  In fact, they are currently spinning on my record player. 

One hockey player......Two hockey players.....Three hockey players.... hehehe

Nite All!


Gary in CA

Dear Herby,

I'm gradually getting settled back into my life here in San Diego after a big week of chasing YLW and the RAGE over to the other shore.  There are simply no words to describe how exciting it is when that handsome, bodybuilder's wife starts singing.  I love her recordings and I listen to them every day, but it's the live performances that completely knock me out.  There's just something about her precious voice which seems to send me into an elevated state of consciousness (also known as Missouri).

It was a wonderful trip, but it's good to be back home again.  I had a very nice day walking on the beach, working out at the gym, and then eating and shopping at the Food Coop where I've been a member for almost three decades.  I had a pasta entree, lentil soup, and a big salad.  Then I did some shopping and stocked up on plenty of organic fruit and vegetables.  They were playing Gordon Lightfoot in the store, so I was able to catch a few  while I was in the seaweed aisle.  Which brings us to tonight's topic.

Herby, I think you know that I'm a loyal bluegrass fan, but sometimes the bluegrass diet can really take its toll on me.  Now don't get me wrong, I love a good hog jowl as much as the next guy.  However, after several days of eating like that, I can really start to get irritable.  I usually try to pack in my food, but that can be quite inconvenient when you're flying in and rushing to get to the festival in time to see the amazing RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE.  Also, ever since YLW converted me into a festival hopper, it's become more difficult to plan meals.  Sometimes, I'll just eat anything that the waiter throws at my head.

I heard a rumor that there's these things called folk festivals where everybody eats organic red chard and portobello mushrooms while they sit around in a circle in the lotus position and comtemplate their navels.  That sounds like it's right up my alley, although that kind of music has never quite touched my soul in the same way that bluegrass does.  Also, I seriously doubt that they've got any singers who can compare to the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.  Let's face it, she is one of a kind.  If I live to be a thousand years old, I'm quite confident that I'll never hear another singer who can compare to the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.

So I'm sure that you can see my dilemma, Dear Herby.  Should I stick with grease and bluegrass or go with organic kale and kumbaya?

California Dreamer (but I'm not the only one)

California Dreamer...Stick to the grease and bluegrass. Eating Kale I'm sure is good for you, but there is no banjo kick in Kumbaya...no hot fiddle licks either. Besides, eating grease will assure you that you won't live another 1000 years, so you don't have to worry about seeing another singer as good as RV. You just really don't seem like the kind of guy that would prefer sitting in a circle in the lotus position, staring at your navel, and humming Kumbaya. Maybe I'm wrong.
Try this at Sally Mountain Park. Sit on the front row in the lotus position. Breathe deeply....in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Palms facing upward. Then try to remember the words to Kumbaya while listening to Lonesome Wind Blues, or Wow Baby. Bet ya can't do it. (Pay no attention to the guy sitting next to you in bib overalls, and his lovely bride with no teeth. They're laughing with you, not at you.)

Hope this helps. Have a great day!!!!!!
Tom Alman
Dear Dr. Herby

I just sent the wife on a two day shopping trip. Is it wise to let her take the credit cards and cash? I just know you can answer that one! Will I find happiness with the credit bill next month? Should I check for Poor houses up here in Michigan? What am I to do???

Poor Tom in Michigan
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