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Sleepless in Smithville
Dear Herby,

I'm hoping that you can help me with this problem. My best friend is a very hard working woman who travels 250-300 days a year working morning to night. Her husband has recently been complaining because due to an illness to a family member, he has had to work more than golf. We hear about how hard he is working CONSTANTLY. The only problem is that he seems to spend every waking hour posting on his wife's internet message board. I don't understand how he can be on the internet all the time and still be mowing the 4000 acres of grass that he has to do twice a week.

What do you think Dear Herby?


Sleepless in Smithville.
The Phoenix Son

Dear Dr. Herby. I sure appreciate that bit of info about the bait. The wife can come along if she wants to as long as she baits her own hooks. We live in Mesa right across from a big golf course on Dobson Rd. but I can't waste all my time over there and look for a good fishin hole too. Actually, the lake around our house has some fish in it  but I'm lookin for the one with the Monster bass and HUGE catfish. We'll be lookin forward to seein you guys when you come out. Have a blessed day.

LOL Sleepless!!!
Dear Herby

Gee! This was a lot of fun while it lasted!  GO GREEN!!!

Dear Sleepless....I think you need to go fishing with Phoenix Son. You can round up the bait.
It's a tough job being "Dear Herby" There are many problems out here to solve, and to help folks with. I'd like to see you mow 4000 acres of grass twice a week, and solve all these problems, and get all the contracts done today like I did. My desk is a hundred lbs lighter. Are you even in the office working? Have you logged any hours this week? Last I heard you were heading to Rhonda's house in Nashville. I think you had better head back to your office and get those things mailed out that I emailed you. Not to mention getting the tour dates brought up to date. Talk about a slacker!!!!
Boy, wait till the boss hears about you. Heads could roll. I have immunity. I bought her new dresses in Palm Beach.

I'd like to see you do all of that too

Herby, Herby, Herby....surely by now you know that my office is where ever I happen to be......I'm never far from the internet or my cell phone....in fact I was working while driving here Why does it sound like I'm about to be getting a time clock to punch thanks to you

Dresses in Palm Beach...that's so earlier this year, you need to buy her more dresses and shoes. You may want to go shopping today and have those ready for her when she gets home.
I thought we had lost Dear Herby there for a minute LOL! Don't go away Herby, my wife is not back yet with the Credit Cards and Cash. I may need help with food stamps and other poverty ideas! Hope she left me enough money to get tickets for Charlotte in June!!!


OOPS! Sparty

Dear Sleepless, or whatever your name is...See Rev. CT. Strickland Jr. post.

Tom/Sparty...haven't lost me yet, unless the Prez decides to pull the plug on me. If she does that, we'll probably have mutiny on the board. She's supposed to be painting today, maybe I'll make it till tomorrow. Besides, it's raining here, and I can't go play golf.  Dr. Herb is in the office today, so I guess I'll stay also.

So, keep those cards and letters coming. The Dr. is in.
Dear Herby

When I played golf I had a three handicap WOODS, IRONS, And PUTTERS LOL! I gave it up to take nice long walks with the Missis. Gotta stay on the good side till I get those tickets to Charlotte! While at the computer, you are voting aren't you Herby?

Are the elections today?

There is an election everyday LOL! We want the the Queen to win the Presidency! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!!

I'm always watching the board Herb so be warned
Ticked in CA
Dear Herby,
My husband and I are in the process of moving from CA on the Left Coast to WA on the Left Coast. Due to the requirements of his new job, he is already in WA eating Bon-bons and in training. That leaves me here in CA to maintain my full time job, paint the house, clean the house, sell the house and do the upkeep on the yards.

Just out of curiosity, what Man Rule does this fall  under.


Mike Garlock
Hi Ticked,

    This is Mike G.  Cut poor hard Working Kelly a little slack and get you stuff done.  Then get your Butts to the Right Coast this Summer for some R & R and some RV & R. 
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