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Poor Tom in Michigan....Go ahead and reserve a room at "The Poor House" I've never seen a credit card bill come in here to my house that I smiled at, or liked. Hide the cash also....Wait a minute...Aren't you the same Tom that was telling my Queen it was OK to go shopping for new dresses? And by reading the 1st line of your letter you state " I just sent the wife on a two day shopping trip" Man have you lost your mind? She may never come back home now. Never give them your blessing to go shopping. Make them slip out of the house late at night through the bedroom window, while you are sleeping. Don't make it easy for them.
 I think you and your wife both need to come to my next seminar of "Herb's school on how to be a good wife" The new book should be ready by then also. You need help man. But never fear, that's why I'm here. I'll get you on the right track.
You sound like a nice guy. I think you just need a little tweaking in your thinking, and you can be right up there with the rest of us.

Have a great day!!!!
Tom Alman
Thats all true Dr. But she made one mistake, she left me with the computer and I know the Credit card  numbers. Is it possible to pay her back?  I think I already know the answer to that one. NEVER!!!

Dear Herby!
Got a ? for you.
my next door neighbor has always been a friendly guy....
Always speaks.....seems really nice.
But! now when I go outside to work in the yard...or just go outside and I see him he says ''Good Morning Sweetie" is he still just being a nice guy or should I be concerned about this?
Just is case you're thinking this ...NO...I don't live next door to Obama

Thanks Herby!!!
You Know Who

Dear Herby,

What’s a girl to do? Hubby is sleeping (on nite shift) and then he has to go to work, son is also working nites. I had to pick our daughter up from work and she just needed to go shopping …………I had a couple of credit cards in my wallet. I just felt the need to take the poor girl shopping, you need to teach them how to spend money….right?

When poor Donnie woke up and we were not at home ………FYI I did leave a note, supper was made and so were their lunches. He called and wondered where we were, at that time we were at the mall and it was 6:30pm. I guess he called the house a few more times during the evening……….he finally called the cell phone it was almost 11:00pm and we were at Wal-Mart. I guess at this time he started to have a few chest pains as he was calculating the credit card bills in his head……..no fear……..he was at the ambulance station so he hooked himself up to the monitor……..chewed a couple of ASA and took some Nitro…….all for a little anxiety attack………what a baby. I sure fooled him. I didn’t spend a cent Ha! Ha! Katie was the one on the spending spree. I guess I taught her right.

So as I said before What’s a girl to do?


“You Know Who”

PS :  You might consider a course at Sally Mountain on how husbands handle the “Shopping Spree Anxiety Attack Disorder”..…otherwise known as SSAAD.


Are Canadian credit cards worth the same as US ones?

You Know Who


 They sure are baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Herby,

It was recently brought to my attention that the world's greatest singer has a Good Thing Going with her extremely intelligent and highly competent booking agent.  So here's my question:

Is the guy just doing his job or does he have some special motive for keeping her employed?


If a Major League Baseball team can only manage to win 2 out of 3 from the pathetic Padres, does it have any chance of winning the pennant?

Tony L
Mike Garlock
Dear Herby,

    I have two Passes to the PGA Senior Championship at Oak Hill in Rochester NY today.  We also have Clubhouse Hospitality Passes.

The Question:

    Tracie and Brenda want to know if Lynn and I will be home for Supper?  What should we tell them?

Mike G.
I apologize for the late responses. Thursdays are national holidays. (it's mens day at the golf course) I will try to answer all of you in this post.

Louise...This can go either way. I always use the "over and under rule" If you're over 40 take it as a compliment and move on. If you're under 40 then you might have problems. Most men have a rule they go by. When your wife turns 40, you're ready to trade her in on 2-20's. Anything under 40 we're pretty possessive since we haven't been married to her long enough yet. Think of it as a car. If she has less than 100,000 miles we're still breaking her in. Anything over that, she can go any day.
Another analogy which might fit your case better is this...some men are "huggers" others "hand shakers" I myself, am a "hand shaker" unless I know you very well.
Hope this helps.

You know who....Never cause your hubby to have an anxiety attack, you never know when the real one is coming. Girls never need to be taught how to spend money, it's something they are born with. Take a look at this on face value...you didn't spend a dime, cause you know better. Katie on the other hand mortgaged the farm. I think she needs to learn how NOT to spend, as opposed to HOW to spend.
Tell poor Don, that I'm sending some fresh oxygen up to him from the midwest. Tell him to breathe slowly for 2 days, then go out and kick the dog. LOL
Tell Katie to come to Sally Mountain and attend our course. She needs it!!!

GLK...The answer could be both. If she's busy working, she's not spending, or giving me "honey do" projects. If the answer is "I'm doing my job" then that is good also. It's a win/win situation for me.
The answer to your 2nd question is...probably not. The Cards are young, and haven't figured out a way to beat the teams they should yet. Take the Pirates for example...everyone knows they are cellar dwellars in the central..but for some reason we slack off when we play them. Youth...it can be good and bad.

Mike G....The obvious answer to this question is, No, you won't be home for supper. But, we shouldn't be hasty with this. Women are smarter than we give them credit for. They could be asking you this question, before they ask the cute golf professional down the street for supper. I would play this one differently. I would tell them not to cook dinner for you just in case you are late. If you get home earlier, you'll take them out for dinner. This will give them that warm and fuzzy feeling that women get, and will get you off the hook for dinner, since we all know you'll be in the hospitality tent at dinner time, and not taking the wife out. This will also quell the the cute golf pro invitation to dinner since they aren't sure when you will be home.

Have fun, and "drive some nails" for me.
you're ready to trade her in on 2-20's

I told my wife this and she said I wasn't wired for 220
I'm sorry Harry, Electrical Engineering is not a field I am strong in. Maybe you could explain what she meant by that? Does your wife have a degree in Electrical Engineering? This is a field I've always been fascinated with, but never had the time to explore.

Have a great day!!!!
Dear Herby

If had to choose between mowing several acres or managing an restaurant overseeing busy waitstaff, cooks and satisfying the tastebuds of a house full of customers (which bring all their problems and attitudes with them) which would you choose?  Which would you consider the "good life"?


CT...I miss the restaurant everyday. I really enjoyed it the most of all things I've done in my life.
Mowing is something that has to be done. I don't mind it, but it plays havoc on my allergies.
But the restaurant is still my greatest love. I enjoyed working with the people...seeing the smiles on their face when they ate something they liked. Being couped up in an office is not my style. I'm better off in the general public. Being attentive to their needs. Listening to their problems. Helping where I can. Preparing good food for good people. Something everyone can enjoy. That's me in a nutshell. Helping others!!
Brutus Buckeye
Dear Herby,

As luck would have it, I'm planning to be in the great state of OHIO on June 25th, the day before the incredible RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE will be performing in Charlotte, michigan.  Sometime around midnight, I'm hoping to sneak across the border into enemy territory so that I can attend the show.  Now I know that they probably aren't going to roll out the Scarlet carpet and make me feel right at home (like they've been doing for our football team in recent years), but I just don't want there to be any trouble.  I'm wondering if I should take any special precautions to guarantee my safety.  Maybe I could dress up in an ugly corn and blue costume and wear a silly hat with ugly yellow stripes.  If I start singing some geographically-challenged song about michigan being in the west, perhaps I'll fit right in and they won't even know that I'm a BUCKEYE.  I wouldn't put myself through this for anyone else, but I really, really, really, really, really, really like RHONDA VINCENT!  Do you think that I can pull it off?

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