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Just make sure you wear Green and White! We like those colors around here!!!

Dear "Brutus"

"Stay true to your colors." "Walk softly and carry a big stick." If the band spells out Michigan on the field, run out and dot both eyes. Be proud "Brutus the Buckeye" You may never get this chance again. Go to Charlotte. If you forget the words to the Michigan fight song, break out into "Fight Tiger Fight for 'ole Mizzou" this will really confuse them, and will allow you to escape unharmed.
(I amaze myself sometimes with these answers. It just rolls of my tongue so naturally. I really think I need medical help. Maybe I'll call Dr. Herb)

Have a great day!!!!!!!!
I beg to differ withn ya Dr. Herby! But we don't like maize and blue or gray and red around here! GO GREEN!!!

Sparty....How about black and gold? Cardinal Red? Do any of these colors strike a fancy to ya? If not Sparty, you may have a color problem. I admit green is good. Especially if you like money, or the North Callaway Thunderbirds. (my old high school. School colors were Kelly Green and White. Kinda partial to those myself. LOL)
Anyway, back on subject....Green is not the only color in the alphabet. There are many others. Sparty I suggest you broaden your horizons a bit. Try a black and gold Mizzou jersey on for size. How about an official Albert Pujols Cardinal jersey? These are all very popular colors, and jerseys.
Hope this helps you over the color barrier Sparty.

Have a great day!!!!!
We are kind of partial to the old English D around here Dr Herby! But Mizzou is alright with me. The only Red we cheer for around here is for the Wings! All this color talk is making me hungry LOL! Think I'll go have some greens!!!

Sparty, I'll be sure to break out my RHONDA VINCENT  All American Bluegrass Girl t-shirt for the occasion.  You know me, always trying to adapt to local customs.

Thanks for your always sound advice, Dear Herby.  It has become quite obvious that you've finally found your true calling.  I'll have to practice dotting both i's at the same time.  I've never quite figured out how to be two places at once.  Actually, I'm lucky if I'm ever allowed to be one place twice. 

LOL Sparty...Some Greens are Ok. You should see me in my green and white football uniform in 1974. If I knew how to scan a photo, I would show ya. It might make ya think different about the color green...LOL

Professor Ron

I hope that your wife doesn't think you are wired for 1-10!!

Was Rhonda one of the cheerleaders for that team? Now I would have payed to see that!!!

Now you are thinking straight Brutus!!!

Dear Herby,

As long a I manage to avoid being forcibly removed, I might stay in Charlotte for two days, then head for the Flea Market in OHIO on Saturday morning.  Friday is going to be a big day at Charlotte, with Grasstowne, Lou Reid & Carolina, IIIrd Tyme Out, Lonesome River Band, and the Lewis Family. 

On the other hand, RHONDA VINCENT has her way of making me completely crazy, so it's entirely possible that I will suddenly feel compelled to jump in the car and drive to Groseclose, VA after Thursday night's show.  It's almost a thousand miles of blacktop from Charlotte to Groseclose to Walnut Creek, and with gasoline prices being what they are, staying where I am would probably be the smart thing to do.  I rarely get accused of doing the smart thing, though.

Anyway, here's my question, Dear Herby.  Do you think that it would be rude of me to ask Russell Moore to sing "Leavin' Detroit"?  The last thing that I would ever want to do is offend anyone from michigan, but it's a wonderful song and it has such a beautiful message.  Dear Herby, tell me true, what should I do?
Nope Sparty, Rhonda wasn't a cheerleader. The school I went to was a 100 miles from her. Down in mid Missouri. Kingdom City to be exact. North Callaway has a proud tradition in football. My coach Jim Blacklock is in the Mo. Coaching Hall of Fame. He coached for 25 seasons, and never had a losing record in any season. He took a bunch of rag tag country boys, and made football players out of them. Taught us about life in general. Gave everybody haircuts when needed. Never lifted weights in our life. Didn't need to. Hauled hay all summer. 1000 bales a day will keep the body fat low. I'll never forget...I got 2 cents a bale, stacked in the barn...made 20 bucks a day...7 days a week...thought we were rich. LOL I'd have a heart attack if I had to do that today.
Coach Blacklock was like having a Dad at school. If you did something wrong, he'd let ya know. If ya did something right, he'd pat ya on the back.
Go T-Birds!!!!
GLK...do what you think is right in your heart. Russell is a great guy, and it's hard to offend him. On the other hand, beware of others. What may not offend 1, may offend another. (Did Mark Twain say that, or can I count that as a Herbism?)
I know you will do what is right GLK. You have impeccable taste, intelligence, and pedigree.

Have a great day!!!!!!
The Ol' Dawg

NUTHIN's as good as the RED & BLACK, baby !!! Did I ever mention that Athens, Jawja is the GREATEST place on the planet ? It's the ONLY place that I know of, where you can ask a purty gal to "bark like a Dawg", and it ain't considered "kinky" !!!     

The Phoenix Son

dear dr herby, I have been wondering if yawl ever come to Arizona to tame your allergies. The sun is too hot for much grass to grow so you won't have to worry about that. However, we would love to see the bluegrass  start  growin here since we moved from new yawk to enjoy the warmth and hospitality.  I haven't seen alot of good fishin holes here yet but I'm still lookin. I read about your advice as to not let your spouse go fishin with ya and I concur that it would not be a very good idea. I am havin 'some' trouble findin good nite crawlers here as it doesn't seem to rain much.  They have some pretty healthy lookin scorpions though and I was wonderin if you knew if they would be good bait.

Dear Phoenix Son...Good to hear from folks in the "Valley of the Sun" We'll (including me) be coming to your area November 14 & 15 of this year. We'll be in Wickenburg, Az. which is about 65 miles north of you. RV will be performing at the Del E.Webb Pac on Friday night...the festival on Saturday afternoon...then back at the Del E. Webb PAC that night. Of course I will be on the golf course, and looking for a fishing hole.
I usually come out your way in November or December. Usually stay in Mesa, or Scottsdale. Try to stay away from the 101 & 202. Too much traffic.
I agree that night crawlers are hard to find. Scorpions should be the bait of choice. They're readily available. You have to hook them through the tail for best results. They are also good competition for the large mouth. Many under water battles have been documented. The bass usually win due to home field advantage. Catching the little rascals are an adventure on it's own. I suggest going to 1 of the many Indian Casino's for help. You can play blackjack while 1 of the waitresses goes out back and rounds some bait up for you. Tips are appreciated. If the wife wants to go fishin' with ya, let her bait her own hook. This will happen only once, and she won't want to go again.
See ya in November.

Have a great day!!!!!
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