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Dear Ticked....Let's not be hasty. Training for a new job, and eating bon bon's is not an easy feat. I'm sure he is miserable, and would much rather be eating bon bon's in SoCal watching you paint, clean house, mow the grass, and work full time.
This is in the book. It's chapter 3, page 2, paragraph 1. It's under the heading of "eating chocolate, while watching the wife work."
He's obviously read my book, and has trained you well. If you run out of things to do, I have an extra 4 acres you can mow. You are a perfect role model for all women. Can I use your name and likeness for my next seminar? The royalty rate is not good, but the exposure could pay huge dividends.

Have a great day, and keep smilin' !!!!!!
Ticked in CA
WWWhhhoooaaaa there....... Mr. G......... hard working Kelly??? I think there is some confusion here. His elbow may be getting a workout, but come on!!!!

Herby - well trained?????  He may have read your book, but there seems to be a chapter missing......... PAY BACK!  You most certainly can use my name and likeness for your next seminar as long as it falls under the category of How to Watch Women Watch NASCAR and Football while the Man does all the Work!!!!

The Ol' Dawg

My goodness - How the "venom" is flowin' these days. Why can't we all just "get along" ? After all, when it's all said and done, it ain't nuthin' in the world but a "thang" !!!    

Dear Herby

I've really got a good one for you this time! Tonight the Tigers play the Twins, the Wings play the Penguins, the Pistons play Boston and Rhonda is on PHC! Now the question is which do I listen to first? Lets see you get me out of this mess!

Just woke up from my afternoon nap, Ticked. You told Mr. G his elbow could be hurting. Is this from pounding nails? or bon bon's?
I appreciate the permission to use you in my next seminar. I really don't think your hubby will mind you sneaking a peak at the race, or football games. This way when he's on the golf course, or fishing, he can call you for updates!!!
Keep smilin'...Ticked...the painting will be done soon, and you'll have such a good feeling of accomplishment. Then someone will come along and buy the house, and you'll be rich. Afterall, you're in SOCAL where the housing prices are through the roof. Then the next place you buy, make sure it has a smaller yard to mow, vinyl siding, and paneling on the inside...(no more painting that way) Make sure it comes with a Butler, and an upstairs and downstairs maid. WIth his new job, you'll be able to afford this. Then attend all the RVR concerts you can. This should do the trick.

Have a great day!!!!

This isn't tough at all. Watch the Tigers play the Twins????? You've got to be kidding me. Neither team has won a half dozen games...why bother. The Wings play the Pens??? That's hockey, and should have been over months ago. It summertime, forget about it, and plan a bluegrass trip. Pistons and Boston...that's the NBA, and nobody cares anyhow. Can you say BORING!!!
What you need to do is listen to RVR on PHC. Your options weren't very good to begin with, so stick to the bluegrass. It's safe, and more enjoyable.

Have a great Day!!!!!
I'll take your advice Herby. Rhonda it is. I have the HD radio ready! Is it me or does Dear Herby sound a little out of kilter. Maybe he needs another nap!  Don't get those dobbers down, Dear Herby!!!

Gary Kennedy
I missed RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE on Prairie Home Companion, so I'll have to wait for the archives. 

Hey Sparty, thanks for the fashion suggestion.  I wore green and white while watching the Pistons lose to the CELTICS
Dear Herby

Do I have to take this from this guy? He lives in So Cal, he is a Buckeye fan, and now he is pickin on us here in Mich. I guess the question is should we let him into the great state of Michigan in June? Pretty soon he will be cheering for the Penns!  GO GREEN!!!

This may not be a question for Herby. This may be something you guys have to settle on your own. The 2 of you could try pistols at 40 paces, swords, or kill each other with kindness. Any of the 3 would be worthy. I personally, think the NBA is a waste of time, and wouldn't give it a 2nd thought. Hardly anybody else does.

Have a great day!!!
Tom Alman
Dear Herby

Dear Herby Those folks from down across the border get a litle loud in the fall but seem to quiet down in the winter. Could it be they like to hibernate for the winter? Or maybe their basketball team doesn't do so well in the cold climet!  We will see next year! I have been trying to kill him with kindness, but you never know what will happen! One thing is for sure I ain't gonna challenge him to a Seaweed eatin contest!

Oh No I did it again! Good th9ing we are not playin Simon Says. I'd be out the first round!

Gary K

Sparty, I just can't seem to please you michigandernarians.  I go to all the trouble of dressing up in the colors that you recommended and you're still not satisfied.

I'm completely oblivious to hockey, so it took me a while to figure out that you weren't talking about Uncle and Friend.  This is probably the first time that I've ever known who was in the Ralph and Carter Cup Finals, much less cared who won.  Go Pens!


Dear Herby, I'm afraid that I have to respectfully disagree with you about the NBA.  That's the only professional sport that interests me very much.  It's not as good as college basketball, but the playoffs are very exciting.  I just wish that Phoenix was still playing, because I love watching Steve Nash.  He plays basketball exactly like RHONDA VINCENT plays bluegrass (smallest player on the floor, controls the whole show, very good at improvising, has four extremely talented teammates who never know what he's going to do next.....not to mention that he wears number 13.  I even heard a rumor that he loves to go shopping!)

Okay Sparty, I'm all fired up for tomorrow night's Pistons-Celtics game?  I'm thinking that I should wear my old JOHN HAVLICEK jersey, since he was my childhood idol when he played for THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  

That reminds me, I need to ask Russell Moore to sing "I'm leavin' Detroit, up three games to one!"

Mike Garlock
Morning Everyone,

    Sparty....Your bringing a Knife to a Gun Fight with the Scarlet Knight.  Dawg' gotta go to Work today to get mine, but only a half day.  Family coming over this Afternoon and I'm sure "Nails Will Be Driven".  Mike G.


I'm completely oblivious to hockey, so it took me a while to figure out that you weren't talking about Uncle and Friend. This is probably the first time that I've ever known who was in the Ralph and Carter Cup Finals, much less cared who won. Go Pens!

LOL!!! That one ranks right up there with all your other quotes GLK.Still laughing. When I hear "The Stanley Cup" I will always thing of Ralph and Carter, although I was unaware that either of them ever played the cup. 
  I also am cheering for Uncle & Friend's team to win.  

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