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As most of you know Rhonda has been home the past few days. Usually that's a good thing, except when we're looking for new songs for the new project. You see, I get to be the guinea pig. I get to listen to all those songs with her and the guitar. I bet I've heard a 1000 songs the past 4 days. All while I'm trying to watch a football game. I just sit there and nod yes, "that's a keeper Honey." The neighbors dogs are all lined up on the front porch howlin'. the cats are clawing at the screen on the windows. My pet dear, I haven't seen in days. But, I sit there and nod yes, "that's a keeper Honey." This isn't fair. I shouldn't be the only person to get to enjoy this all by myself.

I thought about sending her out to GLK in San Diego. But was afraid all the animals at the zoo would head out to sea, and some of them can't swim!!!

I thought about sending her north again to Agent 86 but was afraid the sled dogs would revolt and push the sled backwards. What would the "musher 99" do? Too dangerous. Those huskies are powerful dogs.

I thought about sending her to Mike G, Uncle Pen, Jim Hughes country. I was afraid a blue northern might blow in, and she would be stuck there for weeks. 4 days of listening to songs is bad enough. I couldn't imagine weeks. Wouldn't be fair to those in the N'east.

I thought about sending her to Jawja and letting the Dawg in on this. But was afraid all the gators would leave the swamp and march in brigade form towards the Jawja line. After this past weekend, they've seen enough gators for awhile.

What am I to do? Just sit here and keep nodding yes, "that's a keeper Honey"

So, for all you folks out there that send songs to her. Yes, she does listen to them all. (and so do I) She evens tries most of them on me. Some are good, some aren't. Some fit her, some don't. But all get listened to.

I guess for now, I'll just keep listening, and nodding yes, "that's a keeper Honey."
Mike B

So...ummmm...how can we help you?  I will be more than happy to listen to the Queen sing anytime!!!


I think that Rhonda needs to spend some time in Carolina.  I think those mountains out here just might do the trick.  There are a lot of good bluegrass listeners out here who wouldn't mind listening to some new songs.  Just let us know if we can be of assistance. 

The Ol' Dawg

Herby - Go ahead and send her on down here to me. After the way this past Saturday went, Lord knows I need to get away from Jawja Dawgs Football for a spell !!!    

Agent 86

Herby, if you need, you can still send Rhonda to the FAR NORTH.

You are right, the current sled dogs would revolt and push the sled backwards ........ but ............ I do have another team that is made up of all female huskies.  They would be just like your neighbors dogs and commence to howlin' once she started singin'.  The good part is, that no one else would hear any of this because she would be singin' and travelin' while mushing the pack across the tundra on a cold winters night (you get your best acoustics at night), while everyone else is snuggled up in their igloos. (They are fairly soundproof).  Oh ............. and the male huskies ..................... they're in the igloos, with the remote in hand, watching the football game too. 

Hope this helps!

If all else fails, just put on a set of headphones and listen to heavy metal.


Fred Black
It's simple... SO simple that you've looked over the obvious answer...
Just ask her "Did Fred write that one?" if she says yes, then tell her it's a keeper!

You guys are too funny. Just remember, she's singing songs she's never heard of before...chords she's never played before...in keys that takes 4 or 5 try's to get the right one. It can be a grueling experience. It's something you never get used to, even after 25 years of wedded bliss. Just keep nodding yes "that's a keeper Honey."

Nobody said marriage was easy.
Ragin' Rebel
Hey Herby,
Send her down here to "Little Chicago" South Carolina, most of us love Bluegrass. We can have jam sessions and she can sing the songs. She would be able to tell by the enthusiasum of the "pickers" the ones that are keepers. Maybe that would get you through football season. You and the girls can come visit her for Thanksgiving, Hunter too!!!! When she's not singin' I'll put her on the tractor, plowin'. LOL Just a thought!!!
The Ol' Dawg

Hey, Herb - Could this be a clever ploy by the Queen to get you aggravated enough to send her shoppin' and get her outta the house for a while ?  

don nz

well Herby, you could always bring her down under to sing at our 43rd wedding anniversery next week, it`s summer and there`s some good golf courses down here too.lol 

Mike Garlock
Morning Herby,

    You know what Blake Williams say's about that Wildcat.  He got himself into that Mess, he'll just have to git himself out.  Mike G.
Robert Hall
Dear Herby :

I'd be glad to sit(or stand!), and listen to Rhonda sing anything!..even the phone book!..to quote the title of one song your lovely wife sings,"You Don't Know How LUCKY You Are!...most of us here would love to be in your shoes,hearing Rhonda sing her new song choices!..

RHNDA,I'm like you,I don't like watching any sports on TV, or listening to any games on the radio either....To me,sports are a good cure for insomnia,that's about it!..but music,now that's another story!..

I promise I'd give you my full and undivided attention, if you were to come sing those potential new songs to me!.. No football,baseball,basketball,hockey,or any other sports allowed!..

Herby should be thankful I haven't sent Rhonda the "song" I attempted to write (yet!),to sing to him..not only would he be bored,he'd probably wanna throw up too..

I have an old 4x4 GMC plow truck Herb,so no worries about Rhonda getting stuck up here in a "Nor'easter"...it might even make it to the airport once,if I'm lucky!..

Hope everyone here is doing well--Louise,where are you?? Hope everything is OK with her..----good morning to Tom,William,Charles,and 'Ol Dawg,and all the rest of the Ragers!..

Happy Birthday to Amy, and anyone else here I missed the past few days..Hope Rhonda gets to enjoy some time off,while she "tries out" her new songs..Safe travels to her and everyone else wherever you may go..


Dear Herby,

If Rhonda were doing a duet with Lorrie Morgan and they were practicing in your living room, would you be making a fuss about listening? LOL

I'd be more inclined to only wear headphones over 1 ear if that was the case.

Blinders would not be needed at all. LOL
Cut & Curl

Now Herby.  You aren't the only one who had to listen.  Pappa and I listened for 2 days and even played backup for her.  Some were good, some not so good like you said.  Just don't try to get sympathy from these Ragers cause it just isn't going to work.

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