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Agent 86

If you need to get away for a while, just call.
We even have a TV and remote.

Gary Kennedy

Gee Herby, that's really a shame that you had to sit on your couch and listen to 1,000 songs by the greatest singer in the history of the universe.  You may be getting dangerously close to a personal foul for taunting.  If you think about the many thousands of miles that Ragers have traveled to hear the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT, I'm sure you'll understand why Cut & Curl is right about not getting any sympathy from this crowd.  I know that Brent Mussburger has a great voice, but if I were you, I'd find that mute button for the TV faster than Harrell finds Crabtree.

Kim From MO
Now Herby,
Just send Rhonda down Hwy 63 to Jeff City, I'd be happy to listen anytime!  It's the neighborly thing to do!  I bet we could even round up a few MO Ragers to listen. 

Kim in JCMO
Billy Jowers
Hey Herb,

Why don't you send Rhonda on down to North Augusta, SC tonight.

Kroger needs her help to open another new store tomorrow!

You get to do every day what everyone else would love to do!! Wow!!

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