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What a day...so far.  We're off to a wonderful holiday, and an un-marvelous Monday!  :-)

Sally came home early, to have her wisdom teeth pulled today.

I elected Dear Herby to take her, since I am taking Mom to her therapy...AND I don't like the shots.   Dentist appointment was for 8am. Sally hasn't eaten since midnight.  They got up early, went to the Kirksville office and waited for one and a half hours. No Dentist.  They woke me up. I told them to keep waiting.  Went back to sleep, and the phone rang again. This time, the dentist office, asking where Sally is.  They were in Quincy, IL, NOT the Kirksville office where Herb and Sally were waiting.  SO...I called Herb & Sally to break the news, and they took off for Quincy.  Sally called me back soon, complaining about Dear Herby's driving. She's SCARED!!!

Next, Herb stopped for a box of donuts and milk; all while Sally is sitting in the car, and cannot eat anything.  She called me again.  Complaining that he turned off the car, while he was in the store buying the donuts, and now she's freezing. 

Finally back on the road, Sally calls again, wanting to listening to the SIRIUS XM Bluegrass Channel....but Dear Herby is listening to ESPN.   

Herb is threatening to give her a knock out pill; and hoping they will give Sally something to knock her out for the drive back.  :-)

Next, Dear Herby doesn't have any lactaid in order to eat the milk and donuts. So another stop is made.  Sally now calls, asking where she can get a pillow.

The dentist office called again, asking if I've talked to Sally.  Crazy thing is, I have already called them back, and THEY are the ones that said to send her over.

I'm sitting here laughing at the fiasco of this crazy day;
so glad I'm home....and not on this trip!!! 

Here's hoping you're having a MARVELOUS MONDAY!!  

For once you're on the other end of these crazy adventures  
Whitey/ Linda

What a trip!! lol, you know the way the morning has went i just hope the Dr. pulls the right teeth!!!    Linda


Got all 4 of mine removed during a college spring break.    Glad thats over.

You lose your wisdom though & have to BS at times to make up for it.   

Mike Garlock

When the Dust Settles it will be "Another Quality Job by UYM".  Mike G.

Mike, somehow I think only Herb will be of that opinion....Sally may have a different opinion...though she won't be able to tell us till the swelling goes down

I sure am glad it is not me on the trip either.  Let us know how it ended.


Mike G. I love your humor...

Dr. Herby

Made it back from Quincy. Teeth pulled. What a pain these kids are. Had all 4 of mine pulled with needle nose pliers, and a shot of whiskey. Now they knock them out, give them meds, and pamper them like they are on life support.

Mike Garlock
Hi Cecilia,

    Thanks, I'm just trying to serve here in the Queendom as the Ol' Dawg once told me.  I do hope Sally isn't having a lot of Pain.  I have had one Tooth Pulled in my 54 Years and it was very Traumatic!  Maybe the Good Doctor will give us an update.  Mike G.
Mike B

We never doubted you for a minute, Dr. Herb!

Poor Sally.......she's been in a lot of pain.  Hunter gave her 2 of everything; and it knocked her out for awhile.  She woke up and ate some jello.

Just took more meds, and now she's very sick.  Like Nana, like Grand daughter.

Dear Herby has turned into a real whiner today.   First getting up early, then having to drive all the way to Quincy, Illinois. 

He is so blessed to be surrounded by family; yet he hasn't fully grasped a real appreciation for that yet.  Instead, he's having sharing issues with the living room TV remote, and no appreciation for the happy Christmas music coming from the wireless rock speakers playing throughout the house.

He's in the basement on the treadmill working on his 6-pack for the cruise.

I'm sure by New Year's he will fully appreciate being surrounded at home by family.  :-)



Hope Sally is feeling much better today.    Let her take all the pain meds needed.I remember how sick you can get!!! It's no fun! Broth & jello gets old too.  Then I know people that pulling these teeth  is nothing.  That wasn't me!  Sally get better for Christmas!!!(plenty of Creamed potatoes/gravy)

The Sandker Adventures continue....it's been a rough time, but Sally is finally sleeping soundly this afternoon.

Hopefully she is on the upside.  She requested mashed potatoes and peas for dinner tonight.

Tensel has had her own adventure today, trying to get home. She is now on her final flight into Kirksville. Herby just left to pick her up.

Took Mom to therapy today, then went shopping at Wal-Mart.  She picked up a dinner from Rosie's Cafe, and said Dad would have to fend for himself for dinner tonight.  :-)

I'm home, and now have the mashed potatoes cooking, with Hunter  downstairs wrapping presents.

It's great to have the whole family home for Christmas!!!

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