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Dear Herby
OK, since I'm having elbow surgery this Friday (The always fantastic Dr. Browning will be presiding) I'm going to have a lot of time on my hands for the next 3 weeks or so. To help fill that time, I feel it's time for another Dear Herby segment on the MB. As always, feel free to ask me any question, (politics and religion excluded) problems, or advice and Dear Herby will give you the answer (tongue in cheek of course) and hopefully we can have some fun and help pass some time for me.

Ok...I'm ready!!!
Oh I can't wait!!!  
Dear Herby
I knew you would be thrilled!!!
Dear Herby,
My beloved Alabama Crimson Tide will be traveling to Columbia, MO to take on the Missouri Tigers this weekend. While on paper it looks as if Bama will win, we both know that this is not a sure thing. A few acquaintances that I know are from Missouri and support the Tigers. The normal protocol if we win is to congratulate the other team's fans and wish them luck the rest of the year. However if we lose, this is where I am lost. Should I send all of these folks gifts of their favorite things to help them celebrate the win or possibly monetary gifts so they can buy things that they prefer? With you football knowledge and knowledge of all things, I know that you won't lead me astray. 

Elephant Man in Tennessee
Mike B
Dear Herby is THE MAN!!!
Mike G.
Good Morning Doc,

    I told Brenda this Morning of your plans and you should have seen the look on her face!  I think see can hardly wait!
Dear Herby
Dear Elephant,

This is not something you need to worry about. For the Tide to lose to Missouri many things would have to fall into place all at once, and at the same time.
First, the sun would have to quit shining. Can you imagine how dark that would be?
Second, it would have to rain, snow, sleet, and hail all at the same time.
Third, and most importantly...The tide would have to quit rolling. Can you imagine going to a beach and seeing no tide? I didn't think so.
So, as you can see, no gifts or money will be necessary. You need to save those things for recruits!!!  SEC..SEC...SEC!!!!!

Dear Herby
Mike G.....I know the wealth of knowledge your lovely bride and her Jayhawk friend from next door received from the first edition of Dear Herby. I only hope to be able to reach those same goals in the "Sequel".

Women everywhere have been clamoring for another dose of Dear Herby, and quite frankly I've been too busy to accommodate. Now I will have some downtime to meet their needs!!
Women everywhere have been clamoring for another dose of Dear Herby????????  Look Dear Herby, one misguided woman (and I wonder if there really was even ONE) does not really count as "women everywhere"
Dear Herby
There's always one renegade in every bunch...A signed copy of my 1st edition " Herbs school on how to be a good wife" is headed your way. It will be in a flame retardant cover so Richard won't have to guard it day and night this time.
Dear Herby
Next question for Dear Herby....
Robert Hall
My question is:

What happened to your elbow??....is the injury related to "Men's Day" at the country club I heard mentioned in another post here??...you didn't hurt it by hoisting too many brews did you Herb?.......
...just kidding!...

Seriously,I hope the surgery goes well and your back to work in a few days Herb.....


P.S. Miss you Rhonda!..
Dear Herby,
What can you do with UPS drivers who insist on ringing the doorbell then getting in their trucks and drive away?  Half the time they interrupt my nap time.
When I was a kid and rang door bells and ran away someone would call the cops.  What in your great wisdom do you think I should do?
Dear Herby:

Can you believe what the Cardinals did tonight ? That was a wild 9th inning
dear herby

dear harry, sorry, no caps...doing this with 1 hand.

i would unhook the doorbell. nothing worse than getting woke up out of a good nap. i think most ups guys ring the doorbell to see if the wife is home during the day, and what they might be wearing. of course, like most good wives, they're out working so the man of the house can get some rest.

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