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Your Loving Wife
the remote!!   I'd rather NOT watch golf, or any type of sports show while I'm home.

I had hoped all my favorite shows were recorded on the DVR, like
Everybody Loves Raymond, Of Kings and Queens, According to Jim, Will and Grace, and George Lopez. 

Any of those shows would be great.....okay?  

Professor Ron

What about the show Everybody Loves Rhonda?


That's cute Prof Ron!!! 


Nancy and I don't argue about what station.  We have 4 TVs, lol.

Dear Herby
Ditto here Harry.

If you don't like what's on the main TV in front of my recliner, go to another room.

BTW...The TV will be pre set to the Cardinals game tonight, with break-ins to the golf channel where the TPC is being played in Florida at Sawgrass. (God Bless the Golf Channel for re-running golf events so I can work during the day, and watch after dinner.) What are we having for dinner tonight?
No need to watch the Cards game tonight and see the Young Bucs beat them. They are fresh off sweeping the Cubbies (sorry Whitey)

So Rhonda you can have the TV tonight.
Dear Herby,

Assuming that you have a DVR, you can record golf and watch it whenever you want.  That's what I'll be doing tonight with the Phoenix Suns (aka The Nash Ramblers) while I go zydecoing.  This also gives you the added advantage of being able to fast forward thru the commercials and pointless analysis by the experts.  In fact, since you're watching golf, I recommend that you fast forward thru the entire show.

There, now you can work all day.  Okay, Julia, it's all teed up for you.....
Dear Herby
It's hard to soar like an eagle when you're surrounded by turkeys...case in point...Julia and GLK.
I knew Julia had poor taste in sporting events. Heck she thinks the Pirates will win the world series, but GLK I thought you might, by accident, have a little more class. Especially coming from Southern California. I was obviously wrong...again.

Julia go ahead and waste precious time on the Pirates. Glk, go ahead and keep drinking the seaweed shakes. I'll be watching golf and baseball.  

Mike G. I think you may have more than 1 decoy to consider for your next hunting trip.
Mike Garlock
Afternoon Herb,

    You are forgeting the Decoy Hails from Ohio!  If he stops saying "Surf's Up Dude" they would ask him to leave!  Mike G.

Why don't you turn off all of the TVs and just snuggle for ten days?

That's a GREAT idea GLK!!!

How bout it Herby????  

Dear Herby

This is a no snuggling house. Has been that way for 26 yrs. No need in changing protocol now.


You're right Herby, some protocols just don't need changing.
UM South

Stand firm, Herby!

Your Loving Wife
Dear Herby....are you SURE you don't wanna snuggle???  
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