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Well...the big day is tomorrow. My district talent show. WOW! I'm nervous. This is really big for me. I have never gotten this far before. I feel pretty confident though. I'll put the best I can into it. Instead of being onstage, the contestants are gonna be in classrooms. I'd feel more comfortable if I was onstage though. But, I'll have to deal with it. It's starting in the morning and supposed to end around 12:00. My voice isn't very strong in the morning.
I'll post the results of the show tomorrow whenever I get home.
Good Luck Maggie!!
The Ol' Dawg

Good Luck, Little Maggie !!!

Tom Alman
You will do just great, Maggie. Best of luck to you!!!

Kim From MO
Good luck Maggie!!

I'm sure you'll do GREAT!!  You go girl!!!

Kim from MO

PS. Looking forward to your post tomorrow afternoon!
Thanks everyone!
I know I'll do great

BTW: Julia, are you going to be at Merlefest tomorrow? Rachel is. I told her to tell you I said hello!
-Little Maggie
Hi Maggie,

I won't be at Merlefest, I wish I was going I'm sure its going to be awesome! I know Rachel will have a great time!

Yeah, I know she will.
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