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Rhonda will be joining Eddie Stubbs at the Country Music Hall of Fame tonight from 7-9 pm Central time.  The only way to get tickets is to win them on WSM, but if you can't join us in person, be sure to tune in to http://www.wsmonline.com to listen live!

And if you're in the Nashville area tonight, be sure to come over to the Broadway Ernest Tubb Record Shop at 9:30 pm, Rhonda will be there signing CDs!

If I leave now I will be there by 9:30 pm. See ya there!


I'm going to try and listen in tonight!    Here's hoping!


I will be listening .  Glad of time difference. That way I shouldn't miss anything this will be after church tonighgt.


We will definitely have our ears on for Rhonda and Eddie tonight.


NOOOOO!!! I have class tonight so I won't be able to listen!!! This is terrible

I will be listening, the tension is building, just wish I was there with my sweetie but, I am painting, plus, the main reason I couldn't go, is my 9 yr. old grandson, we take him to school, and we go get him from school, so through the week is not good for both us to travel, so Whitey said, I will go if you don't mind !   oh! ok Whitey, you go.
Photos from the show will be on my facebook page during the show.
Mary G
  • Thanks to Carolyn I'm listening in. Mary G
Just tuned in!  Sounding great!
Lovin' it! PERFECT way to end a long day!
Mike Garlock
Evening Everyone,

    I didn't start listening as soon as I planned.  I just love listening to Rhonda when she is being interviewed by a Guy that knows all the right questions!  Mike G.

Thanks Julia, can`t get there in time , but listening in lol

Exactly!! Mike, Eddie does his job well, and I too, love to hear Rhonda, she is so interesting to listen to, love her.
Mary C.

Rhonda, great interview with Eddie Stubbs!!! The time went by too fast.

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