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2:30pm EST ABC-Tv NASCAR Nationwide Race - Anthem

6pm EST Make-Up Race on the Dirt Track - Anthem

Charlotte, North Carolina!!

7:30pm EST RFD-TV Rhonda & The Rage - Presely's Country Theatre!

Mike Garlock

Thanks for the head's up, but I don't have a TV at the Auto Parts Store.  I hope some nice Person gets it up on Youtube.  Mike G.

Mike B

Mike...do you have an FM radio in the store?  Maybe you can listen on MRN radio.  Just a thought...

Awesome job Rhonda!!!!

Mary C.
Great job singing the National Anthem!!!
Mike B

Yep...great job Queen!  You made us all proud to know you!!!

Great job RV!!

Dear Rhonda,  Your voice is beautiful and you are quite talented.  May I suggest that if you are asked to sing the National Anthem again, you might consider doing it in a more upbeat fashion.  It's an anthem, not a dirge.  It was written in celebration and should be performed the same way.  Also, have some compassion for everyone who has to stand out in the heat, sans hat, while the anthem drags on.  Best luck in your already fabulous career.

It was awesome Rhonda.... and I personally liked the tempo... unlike others that have massacred our National Anthem, it was nice to be able to hear every single word and appreciate its meaning on this Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!!!
Gotta give you bonus points to for giving the fly over a run for their money too !!!!!!!!!!
What??? I can't believe what I just read. With all due respect Linda,  Rhonda did an awesome job on the National Anthem. As one who has attended many live sporting events; I can say that with no hesitation. People who attend racing events aren't concerned about being out in the sun. Just the opposite....they love it. I'll stand in the sun (or any other kind of weather) to hear Rhonda sing anything she sings.
Whitey & Linda

Rhonda the National Anthem was great, who is this Linda?? is it the one from Ill.?? I love any and everything Rhonda sings, so if you write something please don't sign just Linda!! that is how I sign my name.  Thanks so much, I would really appreciate it.   Linda Reath from In.

Whitey & Linda
I agree with you Kent, race lovers stand in the sun, rain, etc., etc., lol, and Rhonda did a good job.  Man!! sometimes I wish my name was ssssssooooooo differant, this is one of them.
  Linda from Ind.
No worries, Linda from Indiana.........
We "all" knew it was a different Linda. Being critical of Rhonda on here is a "Bad Idea".   

The dirt track race that Rhonda is singing the anthem for tonight, was rained out last night.  That race was supposed to air live on the SPEED network.  I do not know if tonight's make up race will be aired or not, but just in case, if you have the SPEED network, you may want to tune in.
Not to worry Linda and Whitey Linda.... we knew it wasn't you!!

And yes Kent... I agree... if you've ever been to a NASCAR race... a little heat never stops you from standing... shoot, that's what you end up doing for most of the race anyway........

And the Dirt track race is the Outlaws.... at least, there is suppose to be a race on SPEED tonight... but not sure if it's the makeup race or a previously recorded race.... just going to have to take a look.... without my hat on... in the fine rain of the Great NW!
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