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The word I have from a news report, though I can't confirm it, is that SPEED will broadcast the Outlaws race at 10:00 pm ET tonight.  No idea if they will air the anthem or not, but hopefully.
Maybe I can shed some light for Linda.

When you sing the anthem at major events, and it's on TV, you have a person behind the camera telling you, with hand signals, how fast/slow to sing it. The reason.....they want you to finish just as the jets are flying over. I realize you probably didn't know that, as most folks don't.

Now you know!!!!
Rhonda Fan
From the World of Outlaws Website.............. and unfortunately, they usually don't show the singing of the National Anthem..... but ya never know!!!!!!
Circle K NOS Energy Showdown Now Saturday night
Posted Friday, May 28, 2010

Concord, NC — Persisent rain throughout the evening Friday led to delaying the Circle K NOS Energy Outlaw Showdown at The Dirt Track at Charlotte to Saturday night, May 29.

The event will air on SPEED beginning at 10 p.m. Eastern, with Bobby Gerould and Brad Doty on the call with Shane Andrews and Steve Post reporting from the pit area.

Mike B

Thank you for the info, Herby.  We go to several NASCAR events each year and we always wear headsets to listen to MRN and the driver frequencies.  It is always interesting to tune to the TV crew frequencies and listen to the conversations you described.  Televised sporting events are a big deal, and almost nothing about them is random.

Robert Hall

By some minor miracle,I actually got my VCR to record Rhonda singing the anthem!!.
I had to put a blank tape in and push "record" at 1 pm when I had to leave,because it refused to let me set the "timer" and have it come automatically..
(I have two old Emerson VCR's and neither would cooperate!)..but thankfully I did catch her performance..the tape made some ominous noises as I was rewinding,I thought sure it would get eaten,that'd be my luck!..

I thought she did an awesome job,and anyone

 who disagrees, can go ..--well,you know!..

I'd like to see anyone else do better in such stressfull conditions ,with several thousand  people there watching,millions more at home watching on TV,and having to sing while military jets do a fly-over to boot!...the anthem isn't the easiest song in the world to sing either!..I think she did us proud!..
We love ya RHNDA !..

Robert "Ragin' in Raynham" Hall

As someone who has seen and hear a few National Anthems at sporting events, let me make this observation. It is usually an embarrassment to hear the singers of today sing out Anthem. They just butcher it up. The "gold standard" of Anthems was always Robert Merrill of the Metropolitan Opera singing it at Yankee Stadium before a World Series game. After he was introduced by the "Voice of God" Bob Shepard. Well having heard Rhonda sing the Anthem now several times I can say there is now a new "gold standard". Whenever I hear her sing it, the only thought I have is God Bless America.

ET in Texas
RHONDA , another fantastic job of singing the national anthem!!!!

I skipped the race, but I live on a hill which overlooks the San Diego airport.  So I did get to see some tourists driving around in circles after they picked up their rental cars.
The Speed Channel might be the place to try out that new up-tempo rockin' version of the Star Spangled Banner.

Always happy to help!

Great job Rhonda!

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