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I've been down in the back the past 2 days. It's a bummer. No golf. No nothing, but watching TV. I went to the Doc, and he tried to get it in, but it's just too stubborn to move.
So, I've been doing nothing but laying on the heating pad. I can't even bend over to put my own shoes on.

Any home remedies out there? I'm game for just about anything right now. Low backs are no fun. I haven't been this bad in 15 years. yuck!!!!
David Lewis

Hey Herb this same thing happened to me a couple years ago and the Doctor told me to put ice packs on it for about 20 minutes several times a day. Worked for me. Good Luck..   David

Hey Herb,

Sorry to hear about your back.  Here's a pretty decent website with info. on lower back pain and ways to try to relieve it:

Are anti-inflammatorys not helping you at all?  If you can get in to a masseuse, maybe they could help relieve some of the tension in your lower back which will help you heal up faster.

Hope it helps!  Let me know if there's anything else I can try to look up for you.

Herb, have you tried ICE?

Your back pain may be caused by inflammation or swelling and by using ICE you will reduce the swelling.

I know that by using HEAT you may get a soothing affect, but you will actually be allowing increased blood flow to the area, which leads to increased swelling, which leads to increased pain levels.

When using ice:  Wrap an ice pack/compress, in a towel, or place it in a pillow case, or if you don't have that, just put some ice, in a plastic bag, and wrap in a towel or place it in a pillow case.  Place it over the area affected and keep it there for 20 to 30 minutes.  Remove it for the same length of time and then repeat, making sure you cover the entire area affected.  Do this 3 or 4 times then take a break for an hour or so and then start over.

If the good wife was home you could do a trade-off, get her to prepare the ice pack while you feed her shrimp.   Just a thought ... oh and laughter will only make it worse.

Hope this helps!

Jane H
HEAT....NO NO HEAT...inFLAMEation is heat,a hot pad adds to the inflammation.  Sometimes that ol 86 isnt kidding!!
ICE reduces/cools the inflammation....in Canada and the USA
If all else fails,I will gladly ship you some fresh Atlantic shrimp ha ha
Hope you're up and running soon.




If you have a chiropractor, ask him/her to get you BioFreeze.  It's like Bengay but it doesn't smell bad.  It has Eucalyptus.  It goes on cold and actually provides relief where you start to feel better enough to walk.  I also have back pain and it works.  I don't recommend a heating pad at all.  It actually induces the inflammation and will make it worse.  I heard that people found results by icing the back for 15 minutes then switch to a heating pad for 15 minutes, then back to icing for 15 minutes, and keep alternating.  If you chiro or doc doesn't have the BioFreeze, you can get it on line from Amazon.com.  I bought a pump action bottle and used it the other night for my right shoulder.
Hope you feel better soon!
Robert Hall

Sorry to hear your sacroiliac is our of whack!...I'm no stranger to back pain myself,having lived with scoliosis and kyphosis most of my life..(fancy words for your spine being twisted in a knot pretty much,with the usual muscle pains and discs slipping out of position)..

I have tried about everything there is to seek relief,excepting the one most desirable and effective treatment,a back massage by a good looking woman--my health insurance wont cover that!..plus they are VERY hard to come by around here..

I've tried Chiropractors,NSAID's,heating pads,ice packs,even booze and another illicit substance in  desperation--and I have found ALL these things sometimes help,and all of them sometimes fail to do anything..
I find TIME is the best healer,and lying in bed isn't always the fastest way to recovery,though sometimes you must for at least awhile..sometimes forcing yourself to do your usual activities (withing reason of course) helps me to get back to "normal" as quickly as possible..still,it can take 3-5 days often..

I had a few "sound wave" and Infra-red treatments done at the chiropractors with good results,but the relief wasn't immediate by any means..nor cheap!..

Some "home brew" things I find helpful is to stand next to a roaring wood stove in cold weather,then lie back in a snowbank,or up against the cold steel walls of my Quonset garage, until it feels numb,and repeat several times..I do that often when I have to shovel snow..usually by 3 shovels full, I'm ready for traction..

If you use a  heating pad and try the stove treatment alone,it often fools you into felling better temporarily,but the pain and stiffness returns with a vengeance if not offset with the "ice" treatment..same with a hot shower,it might loosen you up temporarily,but later on the muscles contract and it often feels worse than before..you need to alternate from heat to ice,but don't get the  "chills", or you'll make it worse..

I've used "Southern Comfort" more than a few times,and though it lives up to its name sometimes,often it leads to more pain the next morning ,in my head and stomach!..and once you use that,any NSAIDs or other pills are a no-no,otherwise you risk an ulcer, or not waking up anymore...
...Sometimes I resort to taking Flexeril ,a muscle relaxant,but I always get SO groggy after taking that I feel lethargic for days after,I have tried the 750 MG Ibuprofen and Soma Compound,Robaxin,and Naproxin,all with limited pain relief and usually with side effects that make it not worth taking any of them,ever since I had stomach problems this past year..my doctor wont prescribe me any "real" pain pills like Percoset or Viconin,etc,and its just as well,because I cant use them,my stomach and intestines go on strike if I try using them.and I don't like being spaced out on them either,I'm loopy enough without them..

Lately I've just taken hot ,then cold showers,and tried to stay active as possible without hurting myself worse,and I find keeping busy helps keep your mind off the pain too..
I found using an open sleeping bag on my bed helped a lot,I think it helps my spine go back in alignment and prevents any chills from cramping my back muscles up during the night..I get two kinds of backaches,ones where something "pops" and feels like a disc slipped,and others that are muscle related and feel like a cracked rib or like one side of you is seized up solid,and you cant lean,bend or twist that way..

I hope you feel better soon,I'll pray for you to get rid of this backache ASAP..sorry if I'm not much help in treating it,but I do know what your going through...Seeing its Saturday night and you wont be going anywhere anyway,maybe a few shots of 100 proof might make you feel better,if not,at least it'll help you sleep better..
Grape and Cranberry juice seem to ease my back pain too,Welches grape juice has been known to reduce arthritis pain,some folks mix "Certo" in with it and claim it helps a lot..(I stick with good old "Ocean Spray" myself--it mixes well with whiskey and that's how you make a "Cape Codder"--2-1 ratio!).

Sometimes my back hurts so bad, all I want to do is sleep,its the only time the pain cant bother you!..seems to be the best remedy sometimes,sleep and total relaxation..STRESS causes more backaches than physical labor I think,I know it does to me..best way to beat that is to put a Rhonda Vincent & The Rage CD on LOUD and forget about the rest of the world.......

I feel for ya Herb, I get that way from time to time & treat myself with the blue gel ice packs from the freezer for about 15-20 mins. ; several times a day. Ibuprofin is a good anti inflamitory that will help as well. When you rest, try to sleep on your left side or back. Hope you feel better soon.

I was born with curviture of the spine so I try to avoid alot of heavy lifting.

Best thing for me is lay on the floor with my feet in a chair.  Stretches the back out.  

Sleeping on the floor is good to.


Herb,   Our drug store sells BioFreeze without a prescription. Ice pack does help.  Also if you can get on the floor , on your knees and hands and do roll ups forward until  your belly almost touches the floor , about 5 time work up to 10. about 2 times a day. this will help.I have tried. An older lady at church  said her chiropractor told her to do this so she wouldn't have to come to  the office as much. I  do this often and it works!! Hope you feel better soon.. Maybe you are traveling too much!! having to much fun!

Connie Leigh
When Fred Sanford was down in the back, he had a small Chinese man walk on it for him.  Rhonda looks like she has small feet!!!!!!!!!!!   HEY RHONDA????  HERE"S YOUR CHANCE TO WALK ALL OVER HERBIE!!!!!!
Oh sorry......
I seem to get a little carried away sometimes.....

Connie Massie

Have you ever tried an inversion table (hanging upside down)?  Got one for my hubby a few years ago, and it really decompresses the spine.  This practice actually dates back a couple thousand years when ancient healers tied their patients to a ladder upside down (true).  Anyway, many people swear by it helping the lower back.  I see that K-mart had one for $99.99 this week.  They can be purchased almost anywhere that exercise equipment is sold, and are all over the internet.  Hope your back is better soon.

Doug - Maryland
Wow Herb - with all this advice I would try the Canadian Health Care System.  I understand you have to get government approval to see a specialist.  Maybe in a couple of months the permit will come through.  Definitely a proper way to get out of cleaning and washing. 
Hey Herb,
Sorry that you aren't feeling well!!!  I have had my back to get pulled out once, and the chiropractor really helped me!!!!  Also, ICE ICE BABY!!!!!!!
See ya,
with all this advice I would try the Canadian Health Care System.  I understand you have to get government approval to see a specialist.

To see a specialist in Canada all you need is a referral from your family physician.
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