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Mike B

I recommend good Alabama corn whiskey!  It doesn't really help what's wrong with you, but you don't notice the pain near as much!!!

Dear Comrade Ocho y Seis,

Please refrain from inserting reality into the "civilized" discussion about healthcare reform that we're trying to have here in the UNITED STATES of AMERICA.  The healthcare industry and insurance companies have spent a great deal of money spreading disinformation in order to maintain their profits.  Telling lies about the Canadian system is one of the most popular methods for frightening people.  It's really not going to help if you insist upon confusing everyone with facts.  Besides, how would you know anything about healthcare?

By the way, I noticed that you didn't mention anything aboot Stephen Harper's "death panels" that decide which banjo pickers must be executed.
Sounds like a pretty heavy duty scar tissue inflammation. Usually, at least for me I've had a lot of injuries and/or chronic issues like this and one of the best ways is to get a deep tissue massage, now let me tell you they hurt QUITE a bit, but they usually help to clear up a problem, but it really depends on what your issue is, good luck!

Oh OK. Can we talk about politics on this board? If so, I have lots to say. Otherwise, I will keep my lips sealed.

I believe our esteemed colleague (GLK) is speaking "tongue in cheek" or maybe just speaking in tongues.

We rarely talk politics around here, as we don't like to offend those with opposing view points. Since the country is split pretty much 50/50, no matter what you say, someone will most likely have a different perspective on the subject.

That being said....there are always a few people that like taking a jab at GLK just to get his liberal bias blood pressure perking. Of course, I personally don't usually do that.  He is a good friend, fan, and a good sport at fielding well intentioned RIGHT hooks from some of the folks.

He truly is a great conservative, masking himself as a left-wing-nut, just to humor the rest of us. We speak of GLK and put him in a category with many great Americans like Rush, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly, not to mention his college roomie John Kasich.

So, please read his posts thoroughly. You will find a lot of humor in them. I know they always make me laugh!!!!
OBTW...I nearly forgot to thank all of you for your FANtastic ideas on my back. I'm happy to say it is much better. I tried to swing a golf club this evening, and it is still very weak. I've had several treatments on it, and have done a lot of excersizing, not to mention a lot of stretching.

I really feel like it is something that will just take some time to get back to full strength.

Thanks for all your ideas, concerns, and well wishes. It won't be long till the "Herb" is back to 100%.
Karen in Ca
We are very sorry to hear your having these kind of back problems.
Chris had similar issues years ago and it was very very bad. He works
construction which is un forgiving and I had to get up and put his boots on and lace them every morning.  His Chiropractor said he needed to lay down on the floor after work and put his legs up on the couch. Stretch while he could in this position. We had a '70's style water bed and he said it needed to go and if we were against that we needed to put a plywood board on top so he got a very supportive night's sleep. Well, the water bed stayed and Chris has learned how to baby his back. This has been over 20 yrs. now and he has learned to
live with the pain but is very careful when he can. He does still golf and hunt but some activities need Advil after wards.
Listen to your body, pamper it and just don't over due it.
We wish you wellness. The positive is Football season is almost here which means more armchair q/b ing and more down time for our ailing bodies.
Bad back's and all....we will be jumping up and down for our "Charger's"!!
Can't wait for fall. We will be in Missouri over Labor Day Weekend to live the good life for a long weekend. As always, Ragers till the end ! Chris & Karen
Mike B
Thanks, Herby, for clearing the air about our "Progressive" Raging friend.  It has occurred to me that our friend might be yanking our chain a little.  Though I have never met him, he seems to be bright,articulate, and blessed with a keen sense of humor.  I'm certain that no one with all of those good qualities would fall for the Socialist agenda that is proposed by the liberal comrades in Congress and The White House. 
Thank you to Julia & Herby for all of your efforts to keep politics off of the message board.  This is certainly not the place for that sort of thing!

As long as we're not talking about politics, I guess I might as well participate, too.  Herby, I wanted to make sure that you were fully recovered before I responded.  One more unproductive day on the disabled list and I was afraid that you might get the call to appear before Obama's Death Panel. 

I appreciate all of the kind words, although comparing me to four pathological liars was a bit of a low blow.  I can't believe that you left out Glenn Beck.  He's actually my favorite comedian on that Fake News cable access channel where you guys get your disinformation.  That guy makes Sarah Palin seem sane.  A few days ago, he did a segment explaining how the nazis started out as a health care reform organization.  Who knew?

Although I prefer that we avoid political discussions on this message board, I am sometimes forced to enter the fray due to my tremendous respect and admiration for the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT.  This message board seems to be a magnet for extremely conservative kooks, so my moderate views are necessary to provide some balance.

Like all great people, RHONDA is not without her critics, and I'm sure that some of them would love to connect her to the right-wing lunacy that frequently appears on this board.  RHONDA and JULIA do a great job of allowing everyone to exercise their First Amendment rights here.  (By the way, the First Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights, which is part of something called the UNITED STATES Constitution, just in case there are still any supporters of the UNELECTED cheney-bush regime out there.)  This freedom of speech sometimes causes certain people to regurgitate extreme right-wing talking points which they hear on the aforementioned Fake News Channel. (Brownie, you're doin' a heckuva job......although "socialist" is so 2008.  The people that tell conservative robots what to think, say, and do would like you to go with "nazi" from now on.  Obviously, both are ridiculously inaccurate and inappropriate, but nobody has ever accused a conservative of being interested in facts.)

If the enemies of freedom are ever able to convince people that this message board is just another front group for right wing extremism and corporate profits at the expense of working people, that could do irreparable damage to the musical career of the great RHONDA VINCENT .......not to mention that Oprah probably wouldn't want to pal around with her anymore! 
Mike B

Thank you for the kind words, Mr. Kennedy!  It's refreshing to know that someone appreciates fair and balanced thinking.  I am thrilled to learn that you are a fan of Mr. Beck, too. He has long been one of my favorite journalists, even during his tenure at CNN(Communist News Network).  It seems we have so much in common!  I look forward to meeting you at a show sometime.  I KNOW that we both love the Queen and her music!

How about that new Rhonda Vincent CD "Destination Life"???? 
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