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The WOMAN of the House
in the kitchen doing dishes!!!  

Jane H
Poor Herbie    dishpan hands are the worst!  Jim and Ben were very smart in volunteering for DJ'ing on air tonight....BUT now that I have your pic to show them, they have lots of dishes waiting for them since I just finished baking and cooking......I like your REAL To Do List, too!  Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.  Jane

He was just washing his hands and figured to use the soap that was already there.

UM South

This is an OUTRAGE!!!  Mr. Tall, Dark & Handsome should NEVER be subjected to this kind of humiliation!  Hang in there, boss...she will be back to work in 5 weeks!


Dear Herby. Something I read recently. "NO woman ever shot a man while doing dishes."
Hope he had time to shoot a turkey    

It's amazing how "The WOMAN of the House" can take part of the instructional portion of Dear Herby's class, and try to make it look like he was doing the dishes.  Nice try, but we all know that Herby wasn't actually doing the dishes, he was just simply demonstrating to "The WOMAN of the House" how to do it the right way.  I'm sure "The WOMAN of the House" knows the correct way now.

From what I can see it looks like he's already got "The WOMAN of the House" trained!

P.S. Hey Herby, nice igloo mug in the dishwasher.  Kind of reminds me of home. 

I WAS JUST WASHING MY HANDS!!!!!! Don't let the camera fool ya guys....I was trying to conserve water, and use the dish soap already in the sink, to clean my hands after shooting, and cleaning the Thanksgiving Turkey!!!

Which by the way, honey just put the bird in the oven to cook all night.

Geeez...some people will do anything to discredit "Dear Herby."

Back to the kitchen ladies!!!!!!! You know where your place is in the home.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Hmmm Do you always wash your hands with a cup in your hand?

Give it up Dear Herby!  You've been caught!
Whitey/ Linda

Herb! I kept telling everyone you were a good man!!  Thanks for proving me RIGHT!!  Linda


What chapter is this????

I don't even think that is really me....Looks like it's been photo shopped.

It's a "Dear Herby" imposter....
Charlie K

You better take that camera away, Herb! That's a dirty trick posting photos of you doing dishes!   

Mark, Paula & Paityn Rose

Herby, do you do laundry too?  Rhonda, does Herby do toilets?  I'm sure we would all like to see a picture of that. 

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