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Willie Nelson has invited Rhonda Vincent & The Rage to be his special guests at the Ryman next Thursday night in Nashville, TN!

Rhonda & The Rage will open for Willie; with a 45 minute performance.

We're told the show is already sold out....but what exciting news to add to an already Ragin' Weekend!


Now that's COOL.  The chance to perform with my all-time favorite country performer.  You're going to have a great time.  Willie puts on an excellent show.  Looks like you're going to be On The Road Again

I would like to thank all 4 of my divisions for helping me make this possible. UM North aka the "Shrimper"..UM South The "Publicist"...UM East The "Party Planner"....UM West The "Political Advisor". Without your devotion, and advice, we could have never made this happen.

Keep up the good work!!!!!

You guys are the greatest!!!!!!!
UM South

Another brilliant job by our CEO.  I am truly inspired by your masterful work.  BRAVO!


Isn’t this just Crazy, getting to perform with that Red Headed Stranger, Willie Nelson. It just seems like the other day, you were on stage at Sally Mountain Park, and now you’re a Good Hearted Women singing on stage with Willie. Isn’t it
Funny How Time Slips Away. I hope that when you get to Nashville it’s going to be an
Uncloudy Day and you are graced with Blue Skies.
I hear the Night Life there is among the best in the world. I wish All of Me could be there, but it’s a sell-out from what I hear. I guess I will just have my
Blue Eyes Cryin’ In The Rain here at home. I’ll get over it. Maybe I’ll just drown my sorrows in a Whiskey River. When you’re shopping downtown, before the show, make sure you buy some Pretty Paper to wrap the Christmas gifts. Well, best of luck that night, On The Road Again, and maybe sometime you can come and perform in the City of New Orleans. To me it looks like you have Seven Spanish Angels looking over you, and remember to always keep the Family Bible close by.   
UM North -

Herb, you're the MAN.  Keep up the great work! 

UM East
Evening Herb,

    No doubt Willie heard that Rhonda has played with Wayne Southwards and see now has to play with the original Willie!  Fine Work Herb!  Mike G.
WOW 86...that is an incredible song you wrote!  

Special thanks to Upper Management for this incredible opportunity!

Good job Honey! 


Yes, good job "HONEY", we love you, now! you wouldn't happen to have any extra tickets would you? We hear it is sold out!
 Whitey and Linda 

WOW!! This is GREAT!!!


Rhonda, this is wonderful news.  & I can listen ..WOW. Willie will have a hard act to follow!!!  86... How do you come up with these wonderful lines??? Rhonda just may found a song in last one!  have a great  day!!!

WOW 86...that is an incredible song you wrote! 

Incredible song I wrote?  Oh yeah, right, I've been spending months writing this song.  Writing, rewriting, and rewriting again, until I finally came up with this.  Usually I write a song in just a few minutes, but this one took much longer.  The music to go with the lyrics is very simple.  You only need one crucial instrument, the most important instrument, in ANY band ................ the 5-string banjo! 

86... How do you come up with these wonderful lines???

Wonderful lines?
Gloria, I didn't know I was making up wonderful lines, but I'm glad you enjoyed it though.  I was just thinking of some of the great songs Willie has recorded over the years and putting them in some sort of order.  I guess it goes back to my days as an author and writing endless amounts of poetry (mostly romantic) until I got married, of course, and then I began writing a different kind of poetry .... Horror poetry.  It's not that common anymore, especially after my wife began to read it.  

It's the perfect season for Horror Poetry.  Maybe you can just bring it out once a year, during the last week of October??  
Just Curious
Herb .... Congrat's on the booking! Great job.
Rhonda.... This is so awesome. You deserve it and so much more.
We know you will give them your best.
As far as fishing.... Whether you fish for venue's or dress's "the catch" is what really matters. Team Rhonda has a great catch this time.
Keep it up Team Rhonda!
Hopefully Team Charger's will do the same. Happy Halloween to all Rager's !!
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