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Don't forget to get your reservation in for the 2011 Rhonda Vincent Fan Club Party!!!  You must be a registered fan club member to attend.  The party is free for  members and $15 for a guest.

How about a Roll call....who all is coming to the Fan Club Party???
The Adams Family

86, 99 & KAOS will be there......otherwisw known as Don, Ann & Andrew Adams. C U there!!!

Ann A

oops time for bed....."otherwise"    

This year will be a bit different from past years.  We will all meet at the Kirksville Country Club to enjoy lunch together - then everyone is invited to join us in Greentop, Missouri at the Greentop Methodist Church for a LIVE DvD filming. 

We won't be taking our traditional trip to Sally Mountain - but I'm sure if anyone would like to go later in the weekend; there's several local friends at Sally Mountain Park who would love to take you on a personally escorted trip to the actual place of Sally Mountain, on the other side of Worthington, Missouri (population 35).

See you soon!!  

jim& mary goodman
The goodman family will be there all 5 of us.
Charles Flanary
Julia,Mary Ruth & I will be there along with Lyle & Francis Johnson from Harrisonville,MO.
Charlie K

Count me in!


Mom and I will be there!

Mike G.
Mike & Brenda Garlock are planning on being there!  We hope United Airlines feels the same way we do!
Deanna Ballantyne

Mark and I plan to be there.  Looking forward to it.

Ann A

Hey this sounds like a GREAT idea!!!!  C U there!!


I will be there looking forward to see everyone again.

Bud Quinn

Fran and I will be there along with Ruby and Everett Shaver (Fran's sister & brother-in-law.)  See you there.

Amydell and Duane Burns

We are planning to be there for the fan club party.  Also if you haven't sent our fan club buttons, just bring them to the party.  We will pick them up there.  We are leaving Mulvane on Friday - June 24 - and headed to Iowa.  See everyone at Sally Mountain and the Fan Club Party.


Is it too early to make reservations for next year?  By the way, when is next years?
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