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Count me, Jen-EH, and Susanna in for the fan club party! :-)
Mark Morrison
I think you have us Julia, but to be sure,
Mark, Paula and Paityn will be there.  Paityn keeps talking about going to Sally Mountain!
Ill be there!
I signed up but need to know what time and where????

I'll be there!

Hi Marcia,

10:30 am on Wednesday the 29th at the Kirksville Country Club (It's right behind the Super 8)
Joe & Lynn

Joe & I will be there.

Jim & Judy Seitz

Judy and I will definitly be attending the Fan club party.

Naomi Ruff

Bill and Naomi will be there.  Our first time.  We are excited! 

Mark Normand
Did my dad AJ Normand make it up there ok?  Long drive for him....

Wish I was there....
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