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Louise and I were swapping mails and I told her that one of my all-time favorite country Christmas songs is Merle Haggard's "If We Make It Through December", which is always topical (unfortunately).

However I would add to that:

1) Rhonda's "Christmas Time at Home" and "Tennessee Christmas"
2) "New Kid in Town", Kathy Mattea
3) "Last Month of the Year", The Fairfield Four & the Nashville Bluegrass Band
4) "Even Santa Claus Gets the Blues", Marty Stuart
5) "Santa Train", Patty Loveless
6) "A Mother's Love", Trisha Yearwood & Emmylou Harris

Rhonda and my fellow Ragers: 
What are you listening to this Christmas?

Dean the Boston Boy
The Ol' Dawg

Well, Y'all - I reckon that the Ol' Dawg is in the minority on this'un. I have my share of Christmas CD's, and find that I don't listen to any of 'em much, after the initial listenin'. How many times can we all hear the same few songs done over and over ? I would REALLY like to hear somebody do a Christmas album of totally NEW songs. I tend to gravitate toward the songs done in more unconventional ways. "If We Make It Through December" is one of my all-time faves, too. There's a phenomenal "a capella" version of "Joy To The World" by Vern Gosdin from a compilation Christmas CD a few years back. "Christmas Cookies" by George Strait is a good'un - Travis Tritt does a "rocked up" version of "Winter Wonderland", and there's one that's an absolute hoot by blues giant Albert King, called "Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin' ". My favorite Christmas CD could very well be the one called "Seven Gates", performed by folks like J.J. Cale, Neil Young, and Rusty Kershaw, among others. What will I listen to during the Christmas holidays ? Probably, "Live At The Fillmore East" by Jawja's very own Allman Brothers. Ain't really got nuthin' to do with Christmas, but, it's as good as it gets - In ANY kind of music !!!    

Well, I start listening to Christmas music by Thanksgiving at the latest and listen to mostly Christmas music thru Jan 1st. I love it and can't get enough. It's how my family has always been, we would always spend the month of December listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies and TV shows. I have all of the classics on DVD now and am still watching them. I have 797 Christmas songs on my iPod so obviously I don't mind listening to the same songs over and over Of course my favorite newer Christmas CD is "Beautiful Star - A Christmas Collection by the one and only RHONDA VINCENT Other than that some of my all time favorite Christmas albums and the ones that I can't get thru a Christmas without listening to are: "Seasons Greetings" by Perry Como; "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby; "Happy Holidays" by Steve & Eydie; Loretta Lynn's Christmas album, Buck Owens, etc. etc. etc

I really need to download 3 more Christmas songs from iTunes because it's driving me crazy that I am sitting at 797
John S
1) Beautiful Star by Rhonda ... one of the best Christmas CDs I've heard.
2) Rockin' Around The Christmnas Tree by Brenda Lee 
4) Time Life's Christmas Favorites collection
3) Winter in Scotland/ A highland Christmas by Steve McDonald (A Celtic performer from new Zealand)
You're an honest man and I love you for it. And you're right, that Vern Gosdin tune is a keeper.

Oddly, I'm listening to a lot of Iris DeMent right now. "These Hills" and "Our Town" aren't exactly yuletide songs, but they have great power and pull for me.

Generally, I love the positive messages of peace, faith and hope that emerge in Christmas music, and the fact that most of it brings out the best in writers, singers and instrumentalists.  I have a weak spot for the nostalgic stuff, though.  My father, who I miss a lot this time of year, always wore his huge heart on his sleeve. I am my daddy's boy.

I have a friend in Phoenix who can't wait to start watching her favorite Christmas movies and putting on carols every year. She has already seen "White Christmas" on DVD three times. I suspect it's because they so rarely see snow!

Christmas Carol

The one that keeps running through my head today is "Holly, Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives.  Not my favorite but I'm hearing it in my head today.


My favorite is Rhondas version of "Beautiful Star" you dont get any better than that!! But I also really like Dolly Parton "Hard Candy Christmas"


Come on now, Dean.  You know "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" is right up there at the top of the list! 

I love Jorma Kaukonen's "Christmas" CD especially the "Christmas Rule" song.
Happy Holidays to all!
Up too Early
One of my favorite Christmas songs, bar one, is  one called Ordinary Baby written by Gloria Gaither and Donny McGuire, and sung by Reba Rambo on the Gaither Christas Homecoming CD ... simply amd amazingly powerful in message and performance.
Now, time to go to work
John S
Gloria Boyd

Christmas songs are all very special with great stories of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I think Rhonda's "Beautiful Star"  is second to none. Absolutely beautifully done.  But don't forget Elvis's "Blue Christmas"

Kimberly Williams
I LOVE Christmas music!  Like Julia, I can't get enough of it!

My absolute favorites are...

An Old Christmas Card  by Jim Reeves
Pretty Paper by Willie Nelson
O Holy Night by Martina McBride

And for the humorous side of Christmas, who can resist...

12 Days of Christmas by Rhonda
I Only Want you For Christmas, Baby by Alan Jackson
Here Comes Santa Claus by Elvis

Think I'll go put on some Christmas Music!!

Okay, I'm with the gang that just can't get enough Christmas music!  I'm listening to the Jason Crabb Christmas CD right now!
I love so many songs that it's hard to pick just one and I love all the traditional Christmas songs (from Bing Crosby to Nat King Cole and everything in between,) but some of my favorite different songs are:
"Christmas Time at Home"-- Rhonda Vincent
"Santa Train"-- Patty Loveless
"Christmas is Near"-- Ralph Stanley
"All I Want for Christmas Dear, Is You"-- Travis Tritt
"Let's Make a Baby King"-- New Grass Revival
"Even Santa Claus Gets the Blues"-- Marty Stuart
"Merry Christmas From Our House to Yours"-- Doyle Lawson
"Merry Christmas Strait to You"-- George Strait
I could go on and on, but my FAVORITE song of all time is my first 45-lp, when I was about 9. 
BLUE CHRISTMAS--- ELVIS!  It's the KING and playing it the first time of the season is how I start my decorating!  
I, too, will listen to Christmas songs long after the decorations are taken down. It makes me happy!
Hope all of you are listening to your favorite Christmas music and remembering why we celebrate!
I'm pretty sure if you order today, you could still receive "Beautiful Star" and the "We Say Merry Christmas" tshirts in time for the holidays! Buy Rhonda's amazing Christmas CD for your friends and family--they'll love it!
Happy December 5th everyone!
Robert Hall
A good question,as to which songs and artists we enjoy most at Christmas time..not an easy question to answer though..!

Merle Haggard's "If We Make It Through December" is not only a classic,it is unfortunately a very "real" song for way too many of us at this time of year..It's among my favorite songs period,at any time of the year..
(BTW,prayers to Merle,on Nov,3rd,he had a cancerous tumor removed from one of his lungs..I heard he was not even going to attempt to be treated,but he changed his mind, and went through with the operation..so far he's doing well,and I hope he makes a full recovery!)..

Since I haven't had any cash to spare for a long long time,I haven't been able to buy any "newer" Christmas CD's at all,not even Rhonda's ,which I would love to hear at least once!..

My apologies to Rhonda for not being able to get it yet,and for posting about some other artist's work I also enjoy very much here..

I am falling way behind as far as getting many of the latest CD's of ALL my favorite artists..something I never let happen in the past,but I have had no choice, but to wait until things improve here,before I can buy any of them...

I haven't gotten the new Christmas CD Suzy Bogguss did a few years back yet.or her "Sweet Danger" CD that's been out for a year or more already also..

I did get to see one of her Christmas concerts about 4 years ago,and among other songs,she did a rousing version of
"Baby It's Cold Outside" with her husband Doug,and she also wore a pair of antlers throughout the show!..

I do have Kathy Mattea's "Joy For Christmas Day" DVD--but have yet to get a TV I can hook my DVD player up too,to watch it!..so I cant give a "review" on that one till I get to watch it!..

(it's only been three years since I got a DVD player for XMAS,and still have yet to get either an "RF Modulator" adapter to hook it up to my antique TV,or a new TV set!--so it's still sitting in the box!..been holding off for the new digital TV to take over in February)..also,I haven't gotten Kathy's new "Coal" CD either,I'm ashamed to admit..

So, I am still stuck listening to my "old" Christmas tapes and CD's,that I bought during the 1990's..but like "Ol Dawg,"said ,I don't really listen to much Christmas music myself..

I agree with him,just how many times can you hear "The Christmas Song" or "Jingle Bells",and all the other classics, sung by everyone who ever recorded a song anyway?..

I get nauseated by the usual "holiday" songs on the radio played repeatedly 24 hours a day,from the first of November to New Years day here..too much,too soon?..

Maybe that's due to the fact like Dean,I miss my dad a great deal too,he was a huge Christmas fan, and absolutely loved this time of the year..wish I could say I feel the same way,but I find it a very difficult time of year to get through now..I'm sure many others feel the same way..

I think my favorite one,of all the "Christmas" CD's,is Kathy Mattea's "Good News" CD..
I like "new" songs about Christmas, much more than the same old worn out ones I've heard a zillion times since birth..and Kathy's CD certainly is one of the best, with many original songs never sang before..and she has the perfect voice to deliver their message..

I've been lucky to have been able to attend two of her Christmas concerts in CT in 2001,and 2004,and I have never been so moved by anyone's music as her Christmas songs..I felt like I was reborn after seeing both of those concerts,and will never forget them..every time I listen to the CD,I re-live the concerts..her voice is just as perfect live,as it is on her CD..

The same can be said for Rhonda,I love artists who can sound every bit as good in person,as they do on a studio recording!..not many can!..to me, that is the true measure of one's talent,if an artist can sound every bit as good or better "live" as they do on a CD,then you can be sure they are not just "studio singers",they are the "real deal!"..

I have a story that's far too long to relate here,about the impact Kathy's song "Good News" had on me,after I underwent cancer surgery in 2001..if anyone cares to hear it, they can e-mail me,my address is listed here..

I have many other Christmas CD's,like Trisha Yearwoods "The Sweetest Gift"--a great one for sure!.

I HAD "Blue Grass And White Snow" by Patty Loveless,but I let someone "borrow" it to make a copy,and never saw it again..I liked that one a lot too

Lorrie Morgan's "Merry Christmas From London" CD is a good one too..despite many of the songs being the same old "classics",she put a new twist on them,recording them with a symphony orchestra.

I like many of Amy Grant's Christmas songs,but I cant even spell the titles of many of them, or even remember the names of them..
I hear she puts on a great Christmas concert too--if I had any dough, I'd go see her and Vince ,they are doing some concerts here this week..

I like Holly Dunn's cover of "Felice Navidad" too..

Anyone remember "The Christmas Guest",that Reba and Grandpa Jones did?..

Dolly's "Hard Candy Christmas",and "Christmas Without You" are among my favorites as well..

Some of the Christmas songs are just plain goofy,or too depressing for me to listen too at all.."The Christmas Shoes", and "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" are just two that come to mind..others stick in your head all day, and drive you NUTS too..
...like "Domenick The Donkey"..jig-ity-jig-HEE-HAW-HEE HAW..
now try and get THAT one out of your head!!..

Like Julia, I love all the traditional ones,Bing Crosby, Andy Williams, Perry Como, Nat King Cole, etc. All the traditional ones bring back so many special memories of home when I  was a child and my Mom and Dad were still here with me.
Rhonda's ''Beautiful Star'' always on top of my favorites to play first.
Patty Lovelace ''Santa Train'' Bluegrass and White Snow, Tricia Yearwood ''Sweetest Gift '' and I have yet to decide which one is the best , Tricia or Mahalia Jackson's rendition of ''Sweet Little Jesus Boy'' this song just touches my very soul as ''Beautiful Star'' does.
Michael Maxwell's 'easy listening ''Silver Bells'' is awesome and so calming .
I love The Oak Ridge Boy's ''Christmas Carol, Elvis ''Blue Christmas, Celine Dion's ''I'm Your Angel'',
Dolly's I'll be home with bell's on'' , The sweetest gift of all and ''Hard Candy Christmas.
Manheim Steamroller ''Silent Night''.
One of my all time favorites is ''The Partridge Family's ''Christmas Card''.
This is a rockin'' little Christmas album with  David Cassidy at his best . He does an amazing job on all songs but ''Blue Christmas '', Rockin around the Christmas Tree and ''Santa Claus is coming to town'' is awesome.
I just have too many to mention.
I also start early listening to my Christmas music and  all the Christmas movies.
Some of my favs are ''The Walton's''  The Homecoming'', Little House on the Prairie's ''Christmas At Plum Creek'',  A Hobo's Christmas.
''Emmit Otter's Jug band Christmas'' will always hold a special place in my heart because I watched this with my precious Mother.
Sorry , I took up so much space , guess you can tell CHRISTMAS is my favorite time of the year.
Rhonda and all RAGER'S!!!
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