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One year at my video store we made a special section of tapes that had movies that had great Christmas scenes, or took place at Yuletide but had little or nothing to with Christmasl. These included "Remember the Night", "Die Hard", "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" and others.

I guess my favorite holiday movies are "It's a Wonderful Life", "The Shop Around the Corner", "Miracle on 34th Street" (the Maureen O'Hara version, naturally) and "Remember the Night". 

And yes, I know "White Christmas" is nowhere near as good as "Holiday Inn", but I've always loved it. I can sing all of "Sisters, sisters..." - wanna hear me?

Best Movie Christmas Party:   "Desk Set" with Hepburn, Tracy, Joan Blondell

Worst Move Christmas Party:  "Stalag 17", where Animal (Robert Strauss) mistakes his buddy for Betty Grable

Dean....you mentioned one of my all time favorite Christmas movies...."Remember The Night"! In fact I was just searching online this morning hoping to find a copy of it to buy. My brother has it on video but I won't be getting back to PA until Christmas eve and we will only be there til noon on Christmas so I doubt we'll get to see it then. I can't believe its not out on DVD yet. If anyone gets a chance to see this movie, be sure to, it's great!
Don A

Speaking of Christmas movies, and if you like humor , one of my all time favorites is "A Christmas Story" (1983).  If you would like a good laugh,this is a must see.

DVD Remember The Night


I don't think this is considered a CHRISTMAS movie, but I think of it as one.
It is a classic and I always watch it at Christmas time.

Jane Wyman and Van Johnson in ''Miracle In The Rain''.
Has anyone seen this? It is kinda sad but sure makes you believe in a Higher Power.

Dean , I love all those too.  Love ''Christmas Story'' as well Don A.

We are so Blest to have all these great movies to watch and all the great music to bless our heart.
Oh, I cant believe I forgot one of my most favorite Christmas movies.
The most beautiful Loretta Young in ''CHRISTMAS EVE''.
Anyone who has the network "Turner Classic Movies", I just found that "Remember The Night" will be aired on Saturday December 13, 2008 at 6:00 pm Eastern. The movie stars Barbara Stanwyck and Fred McMurray...I love this movie!!
BigPapa BlueGrass

Beautiful Star by Rhonda is the absolute best christmas song, I listen to it every day on my Zune.

One thing else, this is Rhonda's Hotest Web page photo yet.  What a talent, sure glad she stays with bluegrass


Do you remember the scene at Fred McMurray's house when the cousin sings "At the End of a Perfect Day" ? I always cry at that. Barbara Stanwyck is outstanding in this movie, and it really does have a Christmas spirit to it. Pretty wonderful movie...

I guess the things I like most about Christmas - and Christmas movies - are the little acts of kindness that happen at this time of year.  That's why "Remember the Night" and "Shop Around the Corner" are favorites - they're full of them.

I just thought of another great non-Christmas Christmas movie: The Thin Man!!!

There's Nick and Nora's Christmas Eve party  - Nick invites all the guys he ever arrested over for drinks.

There's Nick's Christmas present, an air gun with which he shoots all the ornaments off the Christmas tree.

Asta's present is a toy fire hydrant.

Dean TBB
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