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Rhonda @ The Paramount
There's a man stuck in the elevator.....

I thought it was a fire; as the sirens went off, and the fire trucks rolled in.

Just heard that it's our driver Jesse.  He's been stuck in the elevator for 2 hours; without cell service, or any way to call someone for help!!!  

You lead such and exciting life!!!!  
Hope Jesse is okay.
Oh gosh! I hope Jesse's ok!
Life has its up and downs.     

Oh my gosh!  That is my worst fear; to be stuck in an elevator.  I hope Jessie is okay!


Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are definitaley in my Prayers tonight!!! LOL. Hope everyone's okay!!!! Glad I'm not your bus driver, you would probably lock me in the elevator!!! LOL hahahaha ;P ily guys!!! (:

Mike Garlock
Hey Jesse,

    If you were Mountain Dew-less it must have been Tragic!  Mike G.

WOW I did not know that he was stuck!  


Susan's first show and look what happens, lol.

Thank you Harry!!  I hadn't thought about that  When is your next show Susan?  We'll have emergency crews on stand by
Whitey & Linda

We saw the fire truck, saw the fireman, but, they kept ed letting us go in the Auditorium so figured it was save, never knew till after the show! that is was the bus driver stuck in the elevator, he proved that it wasn't working anyway.   Whitey


Funny Man Harry

Doug&Pat Miller
Just wondering what the girls looked like he got stuck in the contraption with??

Some folks have all the luck...

Professor Ron

In case you forgot, Hairy is always monkeying around!

Mary G

I saw him at the edge of the stage curtain so I know he got out safely. Glad you are ok Jesse!

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