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We are excited to announce the release of NEW music by Rhonda Vincent & The Rage, on the first day of summer (Monday - June 21, 2010)!

The song is titled "SWEET SUMMERTIME", and is the first single from Rhonda's first project on Upper Management Music.

The song will debut on SIRIUS XM Radio on the Chris Jones program on Monday, June 21, 2010 around 6pm EST/5pm CST/4pm MST/3pm PST; along with various other stations around the world! 

Be sure to call your local bluegrass show and request 
SWEET SUMMERTIME by Rhonda Vincent & The Rage!!

And post on the message board if you hear the song. We want to thank all the DJs who include the new song in their program; and with your help, we can send our word of appreciation.

Tammy the Teacher

You couldn't have picked a better day to release your new single than my fiftieth birthday. I will be listening.

Oh that is perfect Tammy. And the first words of the song are: "Can you remember?"   


Cant wait!!!!!

Louis Gentile
Sweet Summer Time cant wait to listen to that new song from you Rhonda I heard that song somewhere
did Kenny Chesney I think I wish you luck with the song Rhonda
Tammy the Teacher

Ok, but now I can get a senior discount at McDonalds. You have to wait a couple of years.

It's a brand new song written by Donna Webster!!

I MIGHT have added a name to the song. Can you guess which ones???
I believe you have created our first contest of the new project. We'll call it our SWEET SUMMERTIME TRIVIA CONTEST.

The first to hear the song on the radio, and post the correct name that I added, along with the station where you heard the song, will win a prize! 

Mike B
I can't wait to hear the new song written by an ALABAMA songwriter!  Best of luck to the Sandkers on their new venture and to Ms. Webster as a writer.

We had the pleasure of hearing Rhonda and the Rage at Freight and Salvage in Berkeley...was a fantastic concert...beautiful music,and the new summertime song wil be a sure hit!! Can't wait for the new CD..thank you for bringing your music to the west coast and for all of you being so approchable and nice to your fans..  you are all an inspiration to us new mandolin players...and I am already playing better with the signed purple hat! Please come back soon!    
The Ol' Dawg

A Freebie, huh ? I'll say Sirius XM today around 6:45 EST, and the name added would be Martha White.

The Ol' Dawg

That would be the Bluegrass Junction on Sirius XM, by the way.

VERY Good Dawg!!!  
no fair, I don't get SIRIUS radio.

of course I rarely get sirius about anything, lol
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