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1st Quarter dominated by Kansas in the rain and snow, but the cheerleader is outstanding!!!  3-0 KU


Where's the pom poms?

Mizzou Scores!!!   KU 10 MU 7    The snow intensifies......


What a great new album cover!  


Ohhhh, I almost forgot.....GO MIZZOU!


I think its time for her to get back on the road
What luck!!!! I found this game on TV....Now I can watch and cheer on MIZZOU!!!! I have lots of black and gold to wear
Mike Garlock
Hi Herby,

     You have most of the Characters form the "Wizard Of Oz" working on this Football Game this afternoon.  I'll let you decide which is witch!  We kicked there Butts in Basketball this week why don't you finish them off to cap off Kansas's November!  Mike G.
Halftime KU 19 MU 10

I've not seen Mizzou play this poorly in 2 years. Chase Daniels makes a freshman mistake by a senior in his own endzone for a safety. I'd like to give credit to KU, but I can't. Mizzou has less than 150 yds of offense, 2 turnovers, and a safety. Bench Daniels, and put Chase Patton in. Daniels is ineffective, and overrated. Has been all year.
Maybe I should tell the chearleader to take a break. Maybe there are other forces involved. I feel like the Prez could be lurking around here somewhere.

I'm thinking of turning the channel to Georgia/Georgia Tech game. Maybe the "Black Cat" could do some damage there. She's an equal opportunity curse.
earl austin
Well, Herb it's no wonder why Mizzou is playing poorly--look who just jumped on the band wagon.
Julia--do something constructive such as putting on clothes not black & gold & just maybe start rooting for the Oakland Raiders today!

Thanks Herby but I'd rather continue to cheer for your team
KU 26 MU 10

Poor pass defense. Poor offense. Poor coaching. Poor effort. Lousy game. Mizzou will lose next week by 40 pts in the Big 12 Championship game, no matter which 1 of the big 3 they play.

Back to the game. Julia, go back to work and quit watching Mizzou!!!!
Touchdown Mizzou!! I expect an apology from Herby when they come back and win this game!
earl austin

Herb--In addition to having someone from PA on their bandwagon, part of their bad play may be from having to play with their eyes closed because of those God-awful, uglier than a train wreck uniforms.

I hate to say it, but it would almost be worth being blown out 60-0 if they would think it was because of the uniforms & would never wear them again because of that...


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