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I don't know about that Earl...I really liked those uniforms in 1979


Well Prez, I see you changed channels. Mizzou is closing the gap in KC...KU 26 MU 23....Then I flipped the channell on a commercial, and see that Tech (who was 2 touchdowns behind) has gone ahead of the Dawgs by 10. You are so powerful Prez.

The channel hasn't changed...do you want to quiz me on the Mizzou game I'm watching You can start working on that apology!

TOUCHDOWN!!! I can hear Herby typing the apology now

Right Prez...We know the truth. Just keep that channel on CBS. Mizzou finally took the lead with 7 min to go. 30-26. The Dawgs are still down by 10. You can't fool me.

Ok you insisted, I changed the channel.
I'm back just in time for another touchdown
You know Herby, this could have all been avoided if you would have paid me to watch another game
Thanks Prez....Mizzou chokes again!!!!!! Fire Pinkel. Better yet, let him go to Washington. He looks like a PAC 10 coach.

Did the Dawgs win? I didn't get a chance to see the ending.

 Mizzou looks like Alamo bound after next weeks loss to whomever they play.

Has basketball started yet? I'm in.
The Ol' Dawg

Jawja Yeck (!!!) 45 

Dawgs 42


Send the Cheerleader to my house -
Lord knows I need a "pleasant distraction" when the Dawgs are on Defense - Or LACK of Defense !!!    

The Ol' Dawg

HMMMMMMMMM . . .  I've started hearing reports that the Dawgs are now in line for the Toilet Bowl in Flushing, NY !!!   

I'll drink to that!!! Mizzou can't even spell defense, much less play it.

I was kinda proud of the cheerleader, except she got the "black out" under her eyes too high. Rookie...told her it wasn't mascara.  Told her to put it just below the cheek bone, and above the nostril opening. For someone that is so concerned about fashion as she is, you would think she would get it right.
The Ol' Dawg

Has Queen gone back to brunette, or, is her hair just plain ol' dirty in that pic ? If it's brunette again, I would say that it's a marked improvement.

Tom Alman
Who is lookin at her hair HEE! HEE! What a cheerleader we have there. Rhonda are you sure you want these pictures online LOL?

Mike B
Mercy!!!  Not a good day for my team!
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