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I wish she would go back to brunette, and cut it shorter. I liked it a few years ago with the shorter brunette hair and curls. I keep telling her....blond makes you look older. The darker the color, the younger she looks. No to mention, "Dear Herby" would be happier.

I imagine my breakfast will be served in the dawg house tommorrow.

We are 12-0, undefeated in the regular season and dominated our cross-state rival, and Florida is next.  This game will be our biggest challenge so far. While the task will be difficult, it is not impossible. I just want Florida to keep believing their press and Alabama to keep feeding off the disrespect it is getting from that very same national press.

Our game plan should be the very same as it has been for every team we have played this year .. hit 'em in the mouth again and again and again ... make no mistakes and force them to make some of their own.

Win or lose, it has been a wonderful year for The Crimson Tide Nation. I am so proud of this team.

- Bama


Tom Alman
Which ever way you like it Rhonda is good with me. If you go dark it would look good a little shorter. There is a video somewhere where you had it real short and dark and it really looked good. I'd pass on the tar under the eyes though LOL! Or is that chocolate???

Louis Gentile
Hi Rhonda
I love your football look pics but Rhonda you need not to sit to close to the
tv speciality when it is HD TV YOU MAY HURT YOUR EYES!! or the football may come thought the TV Louis
Ok...not much changes in the top 10 this week. Here it is the way I see it.
1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas (tie)
3. Oklahoma
5. USC
6. Utah
7. Penn St.
8. Boise St.
9. Texas Tech
10. Ohio St.

Oklahoma will play Mizzou in the Big 12 championship game next Saturday. Oklahoma can name the number of points it wants to score and win by against Mizzou. They will beat the Tigers by at least 40.

National Championship game
Florida vs Oklahoma

Rose Bowl
USC vs Penn St.

Fiesta Bowl
Texas vs Utah

Sugar Bowl
Alabama vs Boise St.

Orange Bowl
Big East vs ACC

That's it for this week. Until next week....

Ahhhhhhhhh.....the "football" noise is over for tonight.
Thank Goodness!!!

HOWEVER....a different sort of noise has already started. I think Dear Herby missed his afternoon nap. 

Good night!!!  
The Ol' Dawg

I wish she would go back to brunette, and cut it shorter. I liked it a few years ago with the shorter brunette hair and curls. I keep telling her....blond makes you look older. The darker the color, the younger she looks. No to mention, "Dear Herby" would be happier.

I imagine my breakfast will be served in the dawg house tommorrow.



Yep - There's a lot to be said for "short-haired brunette" - Don't worry 'bout the Dawghouse, though - I'm so bad they had to get me a whole danged kennel !!!  


Gary Kennedy
I assume that everyone is still awake and eagerly waiting to hear all about my exciting day.  First of all, let me say how much I enjoyed the cheerleader photos and the new eye makeup look.  Also, with all due respect to my distinguished colleagues, I would like to cast my vote in favor of blonde hair.....and the longer the better.  In my humble and completely unbiased opinion, the great RHONDA VINCENT looks significantly younger now than she did when she had short brown hair.  Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!

I spent entirely too much time in front of the television today, but there were so many exciting games that I just couldn't seem to tear myself away.  I had the Picture-in-Picture going and I was switching channels faster than a Washington lobbyist switches politicians (or maybe it's the other way around). 

Herby, under your tutelage I am gradually being converted to the Big 12 lifestyle, although it's a little too much like watching Forrest Gump play ping pong.  Having been raised on Woody Hayes, I still tend to regard the forward pass as an unnatural act.  As you know, I am extremely conservative and old-fashioned, so I'm much more comfortable with ball control, field position, and defense (didn't see much of that today). 

I would now like to take this opportunity to congratulate The Other OSUs for holding their opponents to a combined 126 points in 120 minutes.  I've seen better defense played by Sarah Palin.

Nevertheless, it was all very entertaining and I'm happy to see the Bogus  Corrupt System descend into complete chaos once again.  No matter what they do now, it's going to be wrong.  The situation in the Big 12 South just proves what everyone with any sense already knew:  THERE NEEDS TO BE A TOURNAMENT TO DECIDE THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!  

Herby, I wouldn't give up on Mizzou just yet.  Very strange things have been known to happen in the Big 12 championship game.  I'm not sure that I understand how the BCS works (it doesn't), but I think Missouri now plays 20 minutes against Texas, 20 minutes against Oklahoma, and 20 minutes against Texas Tech.  The team with the cutest cheerleaders then wins a free trip to Arizona, where they will be greeted by the Bluegrass Cruise Specialist Baggage Carrying Service.  All the more reason for the great RHONDA VINCENT to let her hair grow longer! 

Tom Alman
That what I'm talkin about Mike! I like long blond too!!!

Mike B

Hmmm...I cast my vote for RED hair!

Nice pic Dawg. That's when I liked it best.

Mike B. Red wouldn't be to good for her, then she would have to change, and buy a whole new wardrobe to match her hair. Brunette, she can stay with what she has in the closet.

GLK...Not all women are natural blondes like what you see on the beaches of San Diego. Some of them actually do get their blonde out of a bottle. Me, I'm a short haired brunette, with a hint of gray. Well, maybe more like salt and pepper mixture. Which could be trending to more gray than brown. In a couple of years it'll be completely white silver. But that's life. You follow this path down a winding road just to see where it takes you. Kind of like the BCS. (Good tie in huh) Watching the Big 12 is rather exhausting. but I'm not sure there are many defenses that will stop those Big 12 offenses. They may slow them down a bit, but stopping them may be another thing. Mizzou can stop the run pretty good. KU tried and tried to run the ball, but only racked up 63 rushing yards for the game. They passed us dizzy though. The quarterback play and the passing game is so precise in the Big 12. I don't think I've ever seen 1 conference have so many great quarterbacks. Defense aside, these QB's can put the ball where they want it, on time, and in stride. You don't see many balls hitting the ground in our conference. If you throw for less than 70%  completion rate, you've had a bad day.Our conference has 10 quarterbacks that could start for just about any team in America, and bring them to another level. It's amazing.
The flip side of course is all our recruiting money went for skill position players and o-line, instead of DB's.
Oh well, it sure get's interesting from here on out. Do you suppose this is what the BCS folks had in mind? Get everyone around the water cooler talking about college football. I bet the ratings are through the roof.
I even got Rhonda Vincent to pay attention to a football game for at least 30 seconds. Never before has that ever happened.

Maybe there should be a place on this site so the public can vote for which color hair they like the best.

Dear Herby,

I'll agree that no conference has ever had so many great quarterbacks, and I'll even defer on the blonde vs. brown RHONDA VINCENT hair controversy.  Both colors work very well for her.  However, after further review, I still think that she looks much better with long hair.  Not only that, but she sings better with long hair.

I don't know if I should tell you this right after the Kansas game, but Reesing is probably my favorite quarterback to watch.  I'm not saying that he's better than Bradford, McCoy, or Harrell, just more entertaining.  I wouldn't want to be a defensive lineman chasing him around, though.

Your bowl projections look pretty good, although I really hope that Alabama beats Florida.  If Oklahoma and Florida both win, I would be greatly amused if Texas stayed ahead of Florida and ended up playing the Sooners.  I want to hear the BCS apologists try to spin that one.  Also, I'm not exactly impartial, but I'll be surprised if both the Fiesta Bowl and Sugar Bowl decline to take THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY.  I'm not saying that it's right or fair, but choosing Boise State might not be the best way to help their local economies, especially in New Orleans.  If I understand this correctly, the bowl committees can take whatever team they want, just as long as it isn't San Diego State, Syracuse, Auburn, or michigan (3-9).  Okay, now that was a cheap shot.  An equal opportunity one, but still a cheap shot.

RHONDA, let it grow, let it grow, let it grow! 
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