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3 big games today....here are your winners according to the "Swami"

Pitt over Cinnci
Alabama squeaks by Florida
Texas pounds Nebraska

Enjoy the games!!!!!!
Mike Garlock
Evening Herb,

    So far not so good, Julia must have been watching and rooting for Pitt again!
Nope....Pitt is the only Pittsburgh team I don't like so I wasn't cheering for them....  Go PENN STATE
What a great game with Pitt and Cinnci. You can't get 'em much closer than that.

I just want to say something after watching the Bama/Florida game. Nick Saban is best college football coach in the country!!!!!

How many programs has he turned around in his coaching career? Michigan St. LSU and now Alabama. All 3 of these teams have now won championships in their respective conferences. This guy is amazing!!!

Florida returned 22 starters from last years National Championship team, and Saban and his Crimson Tide just manhandled them. In my opinion, Florida was never in this game. Alabama controlled the ball, the clock, the line of scrimmage, and anything Tim Tebo or Florida could throw at them. It was no contest....Congrats to the Tide...you earned it!!!!!
Roll Tide!    See you in Pasadena!
Mike Garlock

Coach Mack Brown & Dear Herby are two Lucky @#$%&*'s!  I sure was hoping for Texas to miss that Field Goal.  Clock Managment?  Texas?  I'm going to get Sick!  Mike G.

Never a doubt Hammer. Colt had it all the way. He was just toying with the Big East fans. Good for TV ratings.

The Swami gets 2 out of 3 right. Not good, but not bad. If you were in Vegas, you'd have made money.

Bama, your team played extremely well tonight. Now you have to play the BIG 12. It'll be much different than playing Florida. Should be a great game.

The Swami will have all the bowl predictions Sunday night after the bowl selection committee makes the announcements.

I love this time of year!!!!!
Dear Swami,

Congratulations on your 67% prognostication rate, although you seem to have gotten your "squeaks" and your "pounds" reversed.  I'm glad to hear that "Colt had it all the way".  He sure had me (and everybody else) fooled.  That was even worse than the Les Miles Clock Management Fiasco against Ole Miss.  From what I hear, Bevo and Mack Brown both left large piles on the sidelines.

While I generally agree with your statements about Nick Saban, I need to correct you on one mistake.  Saban coached Michigan State from 1995 to 1999.  The Spartans' last Big Ten title came in 1990, when they were part of a 4-way co-championship.  Or were you were talking about basketball?  Please keep in mind that the readers of the RHONDA VINCENT Message Board are all extremely intelligent, so it's important to stick to the facts.  I know that you watch that fake "news" propaganda outlet where they just make stuff up 24 hours a day, but that won't get it done here.

Looking forward to hearing all about the bcs nonsense, as we now prepare to enter the college football exhibition season. 
Actually, the facts are 66.6%. If we're going to be critical about the true facts, then lets don't round up our numbers.

It wasn't quite as bad as Les Miles....Colt got rid of it in time to win the game!!!

Countdown to bowl predictions....2hrs and 48 minutes
Dear Swami,

I know you don't do NFL games much, but please tell me you watched my "Heart Attack" Saints play the Redskins today.  We haven't won a game in sub 40 degree weather since 1995 until today.  Hey, we don't like the cold.  It was messy but it got done.

12-0 baby!  My heart can't handle this!

P.S. Hey Gary, thanks for letting us have Drew Brees.  The Chargers don't need him anyway.

P.S.S  Julia "black cat" Mottesheard, you are NOT allowed to watch any football game involving the Saints for the rest of the season!
Hey the Steelers season is over so......GO SAINTS

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  There goes our season....
Mike Garlock
Evening Cawtney,

    Now that's Funny...Gone like that Plate of Banana's Foster I ate at Brennans!  Mike G.
UYM West

Don't underestimate yourself!

LOL you're a funny one Gary Lee.

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