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The PGA TOUR and The Greenbrier jointly announced today that they have entered a six-year agreement, through 2015, whereby the historic West Virginia resort will sponsor and host The Greenbrier Classic as part of the FedExCup, beginning the week of July 26 - August 1, 2010.

Herb make your reservations now. The Greenbrier Resort is Great! And there is a spa for Rhonda  


WOW...thank you Suzie Q. for that info.

I rarely take Rhonda with me on golfing trips. Normally I take the "Knucklheads," Garlock, or the great duck hunter...Jimbo.

I'll need to check this place out, and make a trip sometime.
Mike B

I hear they have an AWESOME nuclear bomb shelter as well!  Never know when you might need one of those.

Mike that is true and it was used for the Vice Prez on 9-11
Gary Kennedy

Special thanks to all of the brave and heroic firefighters, police officers, paramedics, rescue workers and just plain every day citizens who risked their lives to save others while cheney was cowering in his bunker!  I guess he had "other priorities at the time".  At least we have the comfort of knowing that the voters of this great nation NEVER elected him.

Mike Garlock
Good Morning GLK,

    Since last November they Welded the Door Shut for Biden!  America would be better off without him.  Mike G.
Rhonda has a great new CD out called "Destination Life"!!

guys it was just a post about golf and a nice Resort. Just call each other to talk politics.   I agree with Julia! 

Mike Garlock
Morning Girls,

    Show me other Posts that gets Susan to Post two whole sentence's!  Mike G.
Charlie K

You ladies have to understand how difficult it is for clear thinking guys like Mike to resist the temptation to respond to Gary's crazy wild-eyed liberal comments! But I'll behave myself and not chime in.

Mike B

I LOVE "Destination Life"!  I listen to all or part of it every day. 

Gee Charlie, that's really great that you didn't chime in with any derogatory comments about liberals. 

I'm very sorry if anyone was offended when Susan got off topic by mentioning a certain retired (hallelujah) politician in a reply to her golf resort post.  She's a good friend to all of us and she means well, but sometimes she's just too long-winded and doesn't know when to stop.

Anyway, special thanks to our President for continuing to create more jobs......this time for welders!
Mike Garlock
Evening Scary Gary,

    You alway's have the best come backs!  I think I can speak for a few of the Guy's and we request you Post more of that Left Wing Nonsense cause we are bored tonight.  Linda has me beat I only have two copies of Destination Life!   Mike G.

Savannah P

lol...this is the funniest convo I've ever read on the internet!

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