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Judy Beals
My message is concerning Mark Buonassissi. He just lost his father whom he hadn't know much of his entire life. His father was kicked out by the new man on the scene when he was only five. His stepfather was very harsh to him. His real father, who he just lost, was 79 years old and tragically got lost just off the highway in the desert near Barstow. He went missing October 3rd of this year and search parties are just now finding bits and pieces of him. Click on these links to read more.
http://www.desertdispatch.com/news/barstow_4785___article.html/find_missing.html Mark is a very caring, loving, talented man and has come through these trials in his life like a champ. He would be so thrilled to meet Rhonda Vincent and receive the new guitar (which he can show me some licks on) tonight at this concert. It would truly make him feel like a superstar.
His friend for life,
Judy Beals

He will be third row back, dead center. I think he said C-117 or something like that.

The winner will be drawn from the ticket stubs!

Here's a photo of the guitar given away at last night's show.

Rhonda played the guitar on "The Water Is Wide" and invited Dennis, the owner of The Mandolin Store to join her on mandolin. 

Another beautiful guitar in another incredible design will be given tonight, courtesy of The Mandolin Store, who is the main sponsor of the RvRage show.


Well, let's all hope Mark has the winning ticket stub.

Robert Hall
First off,my condolances to Mark on his tragic loss!!..my prayers go out to him and his family!..

The other "Ragers" here may not know this,but Mark was kind enough to send ME a nice guitar,after I mentioned in some E-mails we sent to each other "off" the message board,that I'd love to be able to learn how to play one someday..--that was about 3 years ago!..I never expected anyone to do that for me..
I suspect Rhnda may have had a helping hand in this as well....she's been an to me!..

I have been nothing but amazed by the generosity of many of Rhonda's fans,and Rhonda herself..and I must add I don't feel worthy,but am glad they did help me out!..

Mark also gave me some good advice ,that I should have followed through on long ago,as far as applying for disability..something I must now do,and regret putting off for so long..

Unfortunately,due to my extreme lack of talent,and two arms that are feeling partially paralyzed often,and an aching back,I haven't been able to play the guitar at all...cant comprehend the chords or read music,either!---I'd hoped I could get the hang of it,but I cant even bend my fingers far enough now to make a chord,thanks to arthritis,and playing one is MUCH harder than it looks!..otherwise,I'd be auditioning for Rhonda's band!..

I too hope Mark gets the winning ticket stub!--he is in for a very emotional night,seeing Rhonda in person for the first time,and the Rage,plus it might be his only chance to see Kenny & Daryll playing live..

Rhonda,that guitar in the photo is a beauty!..but YOU look VERY BEAUTIFUL in that outfit too!..your a very lovely lady,inside and out!....wish I could be there tonight!..


P.S. I haven't given up ALL hope of getting to the concert in NH next Friday night--but so far I don't see any way I can..but I still have 5 days,maybe my luck will change..I'll be praying for a miracle till then...

Hey Robert,
Yes, MB told me about someone like that. Here's one for you and everyone to enjoy. It's an oldie but a goodie.

Oh yeh, re: human rights:


Rhonda you're as pretty as a picture.

Mark , I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your Father and the tragic way it happened. May God Bless you and your family at this time. I will be praying for you.

I know you are having a great time this evening . I sure hope you win that beautiful guitar.
Hope you get to meet a lot of Rager's this evening as well.

Hi Robert! hope you are well and having a nice warm evening.


Gawd, I feel like such a goof. I hope Mark isn't too mad at me...

Judy Beals

Thank you Rhonda for making Mark's day. He was very happy to meet you and had a blast playing before the concert. What more can I say?

Mark, so sorry to read this tragic new's about your Dad.
I will keep you and your family in my prayer's.

Robert Hall

I cant view anything posted on "You tube" or "My space" sites with the computer I'm using,it's too ancient and has insufficient memory to download anything from those sites(and many others too,downloading pictures give it a hemorrhage too!)..--so whatever you posted the links too,I cant "see",and remain a mystery to me..

I wonder why Mark hasn't posted about his night at the concert yet...I've been looking forward to reading his review of the concert...

A Ragin Fan

Hey Judy! tell Mark we all want to hear about his wonderful day.

Hey Mark! I didnt see you there. I was in B 124 just a row and a few seats over from you. I am sorry to hear about your father. Email me. I would love to get back in contact with you.


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