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Just got a call from Gene Watson's Mgt team, with some very exciting news. The duet  "Together Again" performed by Gene and Rhonda has made it through the 2nd round of voting. One last hurdle, and they will be a top 5 nominee for this years awards show. The category they are in used to be the "Vocal Collaboration" I think they now call it "Vocal Event" of the year. If you are a CMA voter, we would appreciate your vote. If you know someone who is, give them a call.
Wouldn't it be nice to see traditional country music, and bluegrass a part of the CMA's again. A "Legend and a Queen"
WOW!!! That's AWESOME news!!!!!
Billy Jowers
That's some great news.

" A Legand and A Queen", that would make a great name for concert tour if Gene and Rhonda were ever to tour together.
The Ol' Dawg

Now, WHOA THERE, Herby !!! Don't you think that "Kountry" Kid Rock and Jon "Twang Thang" Bon Jovi will have sumpthin' to say 'bout that ? I hear they've both done duets this year with Sheryl "Turnip Green" Crow.  Did I mention that such is the state of "Country" music these days ?  Where is "The Voice", Vern Gosdin when you need him ?  


great news, congratulations, Rhonda and Gene!!!

I hear ya Dawgy. I saw the candidates for nominee. I scatched my head, and went fishing.
All I know is, the Queen and Gene put a whoopin' on "Together Again"

If the CMA voters heard it, it's sure fire winner. The optimal word in that last sentence is "IF"

I know both artists were very pleased with the outcome of the song, and very proud to have teamed up together again.
The Ol' Dawg

Ain't no doubt that it's EASILY the best song in the category - Just too many politics a goin' against it from the "Nashville Machine". I kinda doubt that THIS stuff is what Mac Wiseman and the other founders of the CMA had in mind all those many years ago.

 Beautifully done !!!




WOW this is GREAT!!!

Don Mclean
That`s great, I`ll rustle up as many  NZ votes as I can ,down here.
Good Luck.
Good to hear from you Don!
WOW my two favorite singers of all time!  How can they not win this!

Uncle Pen's Friend

And if you have a Verizon cell phone you can purchase it as a ringtone or a ringback tone.    Do a search under the Genre of Country and Gene Watson and it should come up.

Dear Herby
How could a person become a CMA voter for the awards?
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