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We made it back to Nashville.  Mom & I were up at 4am MST.  We pulled out of Calgary, in the pouring rain.  Got drenched from the hotel to the taxi. What a way to wake up at 4am.   Made it to the airport, through customs, security, and to our gate by 5:15pm, and boarded our flight at 6.  It was a very long day of flying.
Even longer for Mom, as she had to fly to Nashville, then back track to Missouri.
She should be home snuggled in bed by now.

We just left Nashville, heading to Lexington, KY for a special performance at 10am for Martha White.  Next we will make our way to Ashland, KY for another special filming.  I still haven't quite decided on the 5 songs we will do.  Your suggestions are welcome.  From Ashland we head to the Washington D C area. I'm hoping to enjoy a meal at my favorite D.C. restaurant, "Old Ebbitts Grill". 

Hope you can listen this weekend, as we will perform as special guests on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion". 

Friday evening is a rehearsal presentation. The actual show is Saturday night.

May you and your family enjoy a wonderful weekend, filled with love.

Gary K
Dear Rhonda Vincent,

What a coincidence.  Two days ago I was eating at my favorite D.C. restaurant, a vegetarian establishment called Java Green.  We ordered a couple of curries with fake chicken and it was excellent.  You would love it!

Welcome back to the United States of America!  It's good to know that you had 3 or 4 minutes of rest and relaxation (insert weird chord here, I don't really know what it is, but it sounds like a minor to me) before getting back on the road again.  Have a great weekend!

Gary L Kennedy

Rhonda I am glad you and your mom had a safe trip home.  I would suggest one of my favorites "I Will See You Again" !   

The Ol' Dawg

Queen - Glad Y'all made it "Back Home Again", safe and sound. Hope you have a "new dress" and a good time at the "A Prairie Home Companion" show.  

Hi Rhonda, GK, Dawg and Sleepless in S-ville! Can't wait to see RVR later tonight in Ashland!

I agree, "I Will See You Again" is the perfect choice! "Precious Jewel" would be great too....but really I'm sure that any 5 gospel songs you choose will be awesome

I am partial to "Walking my Lord up Calvary's Hill".  This has always been one of my favorites.

Tom Alman
Welcome home Rhonda! We will be listening in on Saturday night! Can't wait to see the new threads LOL!!!

Mike Garlock
Hi Rhonda,

    Since you asked I think you should perform "I'm Leavin" as on of your five Songs.  My favorite place to eat in Washington DC is "The Capital Grill".  Especially if someone else is buying as it is quite expensive.  You walk in and (Close your eyes Gary) you see all the Meat aging.  All the Famous Customers have their names on little wooden lockers that hold there special Wine.  Sitting next to you is a guy from the nightly News show on TV.  Enjoy yourself and be sure to tell Herby how good the Steak was.  Mike G.
Welcome back to the good ol' US of A!  

The new gospel song y'all have done this year would be AWESOME!  By the way, is his show available to listen to online?  I would love to tune in.

Safe Travels!


Uncle Pen & Friend
Uncle Pen & I will be heading to DelFest later today.    We are hoping its well worth missing Rhonda at Wolftrap.  

Uncle would want to hear -- Where No Cabins Fall

I would want to hear -- I Will See You Again - but lately I'd need pack of kleenexs when you sing that one.  

Have a great weekend with safe travels and we'll see ya next in Walnut Creek!!! 


It's always nice to hear you on "Prairie Home". I look forward to staying in with the radio on Saturday night!

I see that you'll be playing in Lebanon, New Hampshire in the fall and I think that is where - finally - I'll get to see you in 2008. Until then, safe and happy journeying on the bluegrass trail!

Hello to Louise, Robert and all my Rager buds...

Dean the Boston Boy
Rhnda! so glad you and your Mom are home safe .
Hi Dean hope you get to see Rhonda soon...have a Blessed Day My Friend.

I'm partial to "So Happy I'll Be"  Would love to hear you do that again, but don't know how many folks are going with you.

my favorite is missouri moon


Rhonda could you sing your new gospel song "I can hear my Savior calling me" On The Prairie Home Companion.

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