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Hey Louise, et al:

Well, old(er) age maladies are catching up with me.

I got diagnosed this week with carotid artery disease - 70-75% blockage on the left side. I am facing surgery sometime in the next two weeks. These d***ed doctors seem to be taking their own sweet time getting to this conclusion, but I knew something was wrong for weeks.

We'll see how things go post-surgery. I would love to see Rhonda at the Ryman in July, if I can afford the trip (and if there are still tickets). But New Hampshire is a lot closer...

Unless, of course, you and Robert and I can convince Rhonda and Herb to squeeze in a show sometime in Boston! Wouldn't that be great?

Rhonda - sing whatever you want on Saturday, I'd listen to you sing the Missouri phone book.

Dean the Boston Boy
Robert Hall

I'm very sorry to hear of your illness..
I guess you'll be having the arteries "scraped" to clean them?..I had a friend who went through that a few years ago..(he passed away last May,of other causes unfortunately)..
My prayers and best wishes to you on a successfull operation to end your problems..

As for "doctors",don't get me started!..

Yesterday,I cancelled an appointment I had today to see my "primary" care doctor..as far as I'm concerned he's a quack,he has done NOTHING for me for over 5 years,other than blame all my woes on "depression",and try to push anti-depressants on me--he's sent me to many other "pain specialists" who just give me the brush off too,I wasted 10 bucks worth of gas and a whole day last week, seeing another "doctor" who didn't even examine me at all!..

I think they just refer you to others to make them money..and push anti-depressants,because they get kickbacks from drug companies for doing so..

I feel they are theives,bilking our state health care plan out of millions,while doing little or nothing for their patients..they even get 50 bucks for a "no show",if someone doesn't go for their appointments!..no wonder health insurance costs are insane here..

I too know that something is definately wrong with me physically,my back,arms and legs don't hurt because I'm "depressed"..
I'm despressed because my body is crapping out on me,and I cant even do half of what I should be able too anymore!..
I feel like I'm losing my strength in my muscles, and feel weak all the time..
Cant even stand up for long, or walk long distances any more..yet none of these "doctors" have wanted an X-ray or cat scan,etc..

That is not all that is bothering me lately--besides being unemployed and broke from not being able to work much,my sister is scheduled to have cataract surgry the first week of June--but today she's in the hospital!--having tests to confirm she has gallstones,which may need to be removed immediately!--of course,I am worried sick about her!..she is my only family member who cares about me, and is willing to help me..she's been having severe pains since going back to work a month or so ago..

To top it off,I have no cash to get my car inspected,or go to see Rhonda next sunday,unless some miracle occours between now and then..I'm VERY upset over that too..

As you know,I have already missed two concerts of my other favorite female artists the past month or so--if I also have miss Rhonda's show,I cant gaurantee I'll be able to handle that..I've been enough of an emotional wreck as it is..life is so unfair,just when you need a break,you cant afford to enjoy one day away from all your worries..

It's not like they will be performing here again anytime soon either..I probably wont be any better off in the future anyway--even if they were,I still wont be able to go see them..

It's very sad when an artist is nice enough to GIVE you a nice car,and you cant even get any cash up to go SEE her in it..or even be able to keep it insured,inspected, and registered and in good running condition..or even put GAS in it..

I feel absolutely worthless right about now--like I've let down the nicest person I've ever met,who believed in me..

Guess all I can do is hope something comes up in the next week to change this situation..but I ain't holding my breath..

Dean! so sorry to hear that you are ill. I will be praying that all goes well for you and that you have a speedy recovery.
                                           God Bless.
Hi Robert! I always pray for you My Friend.
I hope things get better for you soon.
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