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The tour schedule on this website shows the incomparable RHONDA VINCENT and the RAGE being at Gettysburg on Friday, May 15.  That's also what the Gettysburg website shows: http://gettysburgbluegrass.com/gb_lineup.cfm

However, there's an ad in Bluegrass Unlimited which lists RVR being there Saturday.  I'm assuming that Julia's right, because she's always right, but I wouldn't want anyone to be confused by the ad and go the wrong day. 
Uncle Pen

I am sure she is coming on Friday to be the headliner for the day.  That Skaggs guy will be there Saturday night.

         It is important that you attend on the right day. I have made plans to be there when you are so that I may get your autograph and purchase one of your 2009 Tour t-shirts.
Take care.............Greg
Tom Alman
Hey! I want one of those tour T-shirts!!!


Get in Line, Brother.

Gary, I have a special request for my shirt. I prefer a polo with your picture on the front, and tour dates on the back. Could you please autograph it under the picture.

Many Thanks, Herby

PS. I hear ole Sparty handed it to the Buckeyes the other night on the hard wood. I figured Tom would have something to say about that, but I haven't seen it yet.

Go Mizzou!!!!!!!
Mike Garlock
Hi Boy's,

    I've been keepin' my Mouth shut on the subject of round ball.  Except for the Notre Dame Game I had a terrible Football Season.  My Cuse' have been rolling along and playing well.  Basketball has not been the topic of Conversation.  Do you believe how many Big East Teams are in the top 25?  That should start something!  Herby...we are all set for Golf in Lauderdale.  I finally remembered which Neighbor is Wintering there.  Mike G.
It's tough getting older and unable to remember things. It happens to me quite often especially when RV needs me to do something.

Basketball belongs to the Big East and ACC. The rest of us are just pawns looking to get better, and waiting for college football to start in the fall.

You should know I'm making my first flight to the Big Apple this Saturday. I have to go to the APAP convention with Honey. She is showcasing for the buyers of the Performing Arts Centers. Me, I'll be looking for something good to eat for under 50 bucks. If you're in NY, I'll be at the downtown Hilton on 6th.

Look out New York City..."Dear Herby" is about to make an appearance.
Mike Garlock
Hi Herb,

    The Top of the Marriott Restaurant is called the "View" because it revolves and is a must see.  It's on Broadway between 45th & 46th street.  Have fun in NYC I know you will.  Mike G.
Me, I'll be looking for something good to eat for under 50 bucks.

You can't even eat at McDonalds in NY for that price.
Tom Alman
I was just tryin' to be nice to Brutus. He knows the score in round ball. My Spartans may not win it all but who ever wins the Big Ten has to go through East Lansing!!!

Speaking of basketball:
I'm also interested in purchasing the new model Nike sneaker-the 'KennedySAFF'.
Gary K
Herby, Tom and I have a gentlemen's agreement.  He doesn't mention basketball and I don't mention OHIO STATE's 24 national championships in synchronized swimming.  We get along just fine, especially since we have a mutual enemy (3-9).

Greg, you might have to explain that last one to me.  As you may have heard, I've always been a little slow.

Herb, I special ordered your tour shirt.  Have fun in New York!


Greg, you might have to explain that last one to me.  As you may have heard, I've always been a little slow.

Gary. You are the quickest person that I know. You are also incredibly modest. That is why I referred to the 'KennedySwiftAndFleetFooted' as the 'KennedySAFF'.

Mike B

John Kasich would have understood the first time.

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