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Rockin' Robin
Our own Gary Lee Kennedy is FAMOUS for something other than ragin'.  He does manage to get his 185 RVR show count in the article!!!!  Read all about it here:
I never knew I was traveling with such a superstar all this time!!
Looking forward to seeing some of y'all in Jekyll Saturday!!!
Happy New Year!!
Connie Leigh
I am SOOOOOO proud of your accomplishments in sports.
You have done an awesome job!!!
Connie Leigh

Tom Alman
Gee GLK! Can we tell people we know you LOL???

I see we'll have a GLK autograph line at all RVR shows he atends this year
Mike B

When does the Gary Kennedy Autograph Tour '09 pass through Alabama?  Do I book him through UM-Missouri Division or UM-Eastern Division in New York?

I'm impressed!!!!! That's quite a bio Gary!! You always manage to get Rhonda Vincent in there some way. LOL

I really appreciated the flat foot basketball player part. I think there were many of us flat footers back then.

Congrats on a great article.
Mike Garlock
Hi Gary,

    Great Article on you.  I knew you were special, it seems colorful characters are drawn to Rhonda Vincent!  I think that must have started 25 years ago...Mike G.
Somehow Salty Dog Blues got left out of the article, lol.

Congratulations Gary, you did good.
Sami and Treva
Gary, wow, what can we say. We have always known that you are a rare person but didn't know how famous you are to everyone else! You have accomplished many things in your life and we're proud that have had the chance to know you


Jim Hughes

Very Cool GLK...  Very Cool indeed!

Okay, I finally managed to sneak away from the autograph lines, so I wanted to stop by and wish everyone a very Happy New Year. 

Gee, thanks for posting this, Robin.....I guess.  We'll have to have a little talk about this the next time that we're driving thru Tennessee in the middle of the night.  It's a good thing that the great RHONDA VINCENT was mentioned in the article or you would have been in clear violation of Universal Message Board Etiquette.  I prefer to be called a groupie, rather than a roadie.  I think roadies are supposed to help with the work.

When the guy first approached me about writing this story, I thought he was joking.  It's such an insignificant occupation compared to being a doctor or nurse or teacher or firefighter or social worker or bluegrass musician or fan club president or..... I never should have started listing worthwhile occupations because I'm bound to leave a lot of them out.  It was nice of him to write the article, but it must have been a really slow news day.  I thought it was a goofy picture of me, but since the camera doesn't lie, I guess there weren't any other options.

He left out my famous quote about Tony Gwynn, which was the whole point of discussing him.  Tony was on the basketball team during my first year at SDSU.  So then when baseball season started, he was in the outfield and I made the brilliant comment, "Oh, I didn't know that Tony Gwynn played baseball, too".  For those of you who don't know anything about baseball, that would be like someone saying, "Oh, I didn't know that RHONDA VINCENT could sing, too".

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the nice comments.  Now I really need to get back to answering my fan mail. 
Rockin' Robin

Don't be mad at me...this was WAY too cool a story to not be shared!!  I mean we all already knew you were famous; you're the only person I know in the RV world (besides RV herself of course) that gets his own Ragin' t-shirts made!!  And you made us all proud by getting RV in a sports article which is fitting because she's become such a sports fan these days.  But now we know you're famous for stuff that most of us didn't know about.  (Although I always watch the chargers games looking for a shot of the scoreboard operator....so far the TV stations haven't filled my requests for more TV time for the statistician!!) 

You're quite the special person GLK....and now we all know!!  One thing you might need to work on though is your football predictions.  I remember a conversation we had not to long ago about the Chargers definitely not making the play-offs and they are in fact playing Indy this weekend.  Maybe you could take some lessons from SWAMI.  I'll see what I can do!  I'll again be on the look out for the scoreboard operator.  Be looking for the cameras coming your way as I've already called Fox and CBS to let them know a star will be in attendance.   

I'm currently in negotiations to find a head security guard for your ragin adventures this year to keep the autograph line under control.

More details to follow. 

Patiently waiting for the MWBE in GA,
Don't worry, Robin, I'm not mad at you.  I'm just trying to pretend to be humble.  You're right about the predictions, though.  I'm much better at knowing what's already happened.  I thought the Chargers were finished when they were 4-8.  I mean, that's almost as bad as 3-9.  It's not exactly a perfect system when an 8-8 team hosts a 12-4 team while an 11-5 team sits home and watches.  We'll take it, though.  At least there's a playoff!

The TV networks aren't ever going to show the scoreboard operators.  Of course, now that I'm best friends with Erin, I should be getting a lot more airtime!

Now, back to the fan mail.  Here's a sample of the smart-aleck comments I've been getting in the past two days:

In regards to the story, I can't believe they said you were slow and flat-footed!  I never thought of you as being slow, I just thought everyone else was just faster than you!  Take care and Happy New Year.
Rockin' Robin:
Be sure to let the security company know that GLK's security person must have long hair! (Even if it is some brawny ex-Navy seal!)

IMPRESSIVE! May have to bust out with a photo of the Jawja redhead and I wearing Charger t-shirts. *Cuz you know she won't wear any other college team jersey than the Dawgs!*

Happy Friday, ya'll!

Kim from MO
Wow Gary, that's very cool! 
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