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Hi Herb, did you see it? Have you heard?  Cubs are out in front number 1, Wow,  it is just 1/2 game but, they are in first, they have been doing pretty good last 8 games, now!! Julia, we need your help again, jinx the  Cardinals, so they will stay in 2nd, or worse, ok.
 Linda CUB FAN,   

She already has done enough. How else do you think the Cubs got into 1st.

Hmmmmm...wonder if I can find a Cards cap at the Smithville Walmart???  

These look great together!!  
RHONDA, please return the red shirt, and in return, you will receive a beautiful blue one, you do want to look good, and feel proud, I know you do.  
Somehow this seems vaguely familiar.  Cubs fans are celebrating because their team is in first place in July.  But where will they be in October?  I don't want to spoil the ending for anyone, but I think I've seen this movie a few times.

More importantly, how about those padres!  It was so disappointing when they only lost 99 games last season.  This year, it looks like they've got enough lack of talent to hit triple figures.
You are so right GLK!!!  but, at least for 2 or 3 days, maybe a week, let me enjoy this, lol, Oh, well, maybe someday they really will be number one at the end, maybe they will win a world series, wouldn't that be wonderful.
 Linda a cub fan and proud of it
As a die hard Cards fan I must say

Mike Garlock
Good Afternoon Baseball Fans,

    I've been really quiet, so I didn't Jinx my Team...How about the Bronx Bombers!  I know...just get your wallet's out.  Mike G.

Hey Whitey...hope you enjoyed your 24hrs. of being in 1st place. Now the Cubs find themselves in a familiar place....Looking up at the Cardinals!!!!

I would LOVE 24 hrs of being in first place....for that matter I'd LOVE 24 hrs of not being in last place
Herb, I know, I told you "maybe" just 2 or 3 days, but, I did have it for awhile. And Whitey, didn't write that I did, he was like you, knew it wouldn't last long,  so "Cubs", once again!! pick yourselves up, wipe it off, and try to win some more ballgames.
Cub fan Linda
Oh they will Linda. It just wouldn't be right if a Cards/Cubs rivalry didn't exist. LOL I will be at the game tonight in St. Louis. 4 rows back of homeplate.

Go Cards!!!!!
Hey Whitey,

I gotta hand it to you.  Your cubs are laying the smack down on my Astros!  Geez!!  I'm starting to feel like a Pirates fan!
Now Courtney, I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone
Courtney, I am getting ready to sing our song, with the fans in the stadium, GO CUBS GO, GO CUBS GO, HEY CHICAGO WHAT YA SAY, CUBS ARE GONNA WIN TODAY, so now!! if Cards. lose tonight, guess what?????????? but, Whitey says, not to hold my breath  
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