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Especially those in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and Reno, Nevada. I booked RV shows in all those states today, and some of them more than 1 for 2009. Needless to say, the phone lines were hot, and so was I.

I'll get the info to Julia to put up on the tour dates page.
Uncle Pen & Friend

Yeah for us in Pennsylvania.   And Maryland isn't that far either.   Some hints would be nice.  


How about a little Kansas City action!  Maybe another Knuckleheads?????


Thank you Herb for the N.C. dates

Mike Garlock
Hi Herb,

    Thanks for the NY Dates!  Oh...I guess I'm going to have to book her?  Mike G.
Dean Eaton
No pressure intended, but...

Maybe 2010?

Please please do something for West Texas (Midland, Odessa, Lubbuck)  There is NO bluegrass in this area!!  No one even knows what it is.  We only have Country and Western Swing!!! HELP

Penny, Check out Alto NM. That should be in driving distance of you. Maybe even Canton Tx.

Dean, Preston, Ct. shouldn't be far for you. East Hartford might work also.

Mike G. For crying out loud man...I've got her in your back yard...Have you forgot about Buffalo?

Bec, We're scheduled back at Knucklheads the first weekend in October...A Friday if memory serves me. Then on to Clinton the next day.

UP&F How about Sellersville, Denton MD, and Berryville, Va. all in the same weekend. Not only will you see RV, but the opening act will be Next Best Thing in MD and Va.

North Carolina is a no brainer. It's tougher keeping her out of there than it is booking her in there.
when is RV gonna be near southwest VA or TN again????
Sherry A

Any chance that Rhonda will be coming near the VA Beach area????

Mike Garlock
Dear Herb,

    I'm am very grateful for you booking RV & R in Buffalo.  I am fully aware of that date, I have had tickets for Months.  I'm looking forward to pushing the Martha White Express Thur 5 feet of Snow when Yogi does his patented U-turn across the median in January in NY.  That would be 5 day's before we leave for one of the best Rager encounter's anyone could have.  How about a date during the warmer months Doc!  WE WANT MORE!  Thanks for your quick attention to this important matter.  Mike G.
Mike G. I'll get to work on that right away. Let's see.....warmer months in upstate NY....That's July and August...Shouldn't snow then, but the other 10 months of the year are always a distinct possibility. The only thing we really need to be concerned about in July or August is will the boat stay afloat. My Mother-in-law hates boats and water.  Have I mentioned that before? LOL

Libby, We're all over your region. Pigeon Forge 9-20&21...Marion Va. 10-17...Beuna Vista, Va...9-26...and the beat goes on.

Sherry A. You know, I don't know if I've ever booked her in the beach area. I need to work on that!!!!
Dianne In VA
That is the one thing that I always was so hurt about when I was doing "Bluegrass In The Park" here in Jonesville for two years.  NEVER enough money to get RV to come!  But it sure was a nice dream while it lasted.
Maybe next year I can get to go see her other than once!  Still have my "VA RAGER" tags on my truck though! 
Agent 99

Herby.......Any place close to the Ontario border is good news for us Northerners. By that time we should be able to give the dogs a break and put the sleds away (we hope). Maybe we could use someone’s horse that was used not too long ago. Never mind, I think we set that one free after the last adventure North. If 86 has his way, poor old 99 would probably have to give him a piggy back ride all the way to the show. Then she would end up being hospitalized and in traction. 86 says, “that’s ok as long as one of us gets to enjoy the show” …….he will tell me all about it and take pictures…….so kind Some days I really do wish he would use that “Cone of Silence” 

Carolyn will be ok, we will make sure she has a set of water wings for herself, purse and camera (maybe 86 will splurge and get her a waterproof camera). That way when the front end of the boat goes down all won’t be lost this time.

LOL 99....That's funny stuff!!!

Your part of Canada isn't looking real good for next year. The dollar value has changed again. You can always tell when that happens...The phone stops ringing.

We'll get there again someday. Until then, you'll just have to keep coming to us. Gas has dropped over a dollar per gallon. That will help for Sally Mountain next year.
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