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Uncle Pen & Friend

And maybe 2 Gettysburg Trips?

Dean Eaton
Apologies from Boston...
I realized that I was shouting at you. I do plan on going to Podunk in 2009.
At least you know your lovely and talented spouse is still in high demand! We all want to see Rhonda in or near our hometowns at least once a year.
Dean the over-eager Boston Boy
Sweet Brenda & Him
Rhonda and The Rage is going to be in Amelia, VA

May 2009
Sherry A

Thank you Mr. Herb....If I didn't teach school I would jump at a chance to go on the cruise but I don't think my boss would understand. I guess I better get out a map and start plotting out the distance from my house to the scheduled VA shows for 2009 until a beach show comes along. ...at least the gas prices are a little better here these days...

Outstanding, more chances to test Julia's rain making theory's.
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