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Here I am....AWAKE! 

Dear Herby isn't snoring or anything.  

He's watching SportsCenter.

I have to get up at 6:30am.  Haven't done that in awhile. 

Vacation is over.  I can't sleep, I'm wound up and ready to hit the road.

If only I had my own TV. 

Thank goodness I have my own computer. 


don nz

Good morning, although it`s almost Thursday here.Hey Rhonda, can you say if  a  particular is on the new album ?, or not ?, curiosity is killing us.



Good morning Rhonda and Don!!!

Have a safe trip Rhonda! See you on the road next week in Galax and Appomattox!!!
Mike Garlock
Good Morning Everyone,

    You guy's are up nice and early.  Today is the second Lenten Breakfast  eekend is coming fast.  Mike G.
John S

Good morning and as the Irish might say ...


Go n-eiri an b`othar leat!


(or for those of us who do not speak Gaelic)


May the road rise up to meet you  


Now let's go to work in 15 degree weather



Pamela(Irish Fan)
You spelt it wrong but I'll let you away with it this time John....

Morning everyone!

Sweet Brenda

Good Morning.....

Bill Hinson
Good morning everyone. and thank you for the Prayers and birthday wishes
Tom Alman
Good morning Ragers all!!


Why do I get the feeling that even when you're not working, you get up every morning and sing a song and play your instruments every day?!?

Music is so much a part of you that I can't imagine your being away from it.

If it's any consolation, we can't wait for you to get back on the road either!! And the new CD just adds to the excitement.

Dean the Boston Boy

Gary Kennedy

Good morning, RHONDA !  Glad to hear that you're back on the road so that you can get some rest.  Safe and happy travels to you!

Dean the Boston Boy




"The sweetest thing

You'll ever know

In the whole wide world

Is a happy girl..."


--Martina McBride

Hey Pamela (Irish fan)
Well, I don't have Gaelic spell check on this blasted computer ... LOL ... I do good to spell my English words right
John S
a woman's view
Lawd have mercy on yoo Rhonda!  I knowed they was quite a few moments in the last month that yoo have had to stop and count to 10 to regain your composure befoe reacting to that ole Herby!  But I also knows that whot got you threw it with out loosin yer mind was the nawledge that each day was anudder un closer to THE ROAD!!!!!
Just thank, you won't have to slip that thare calendar out from its hiding place to check the days toward freedum 4 a wile now.....
I am soooooo proud of yoo Rhonda!  Yoo pulled it off !!!!! Yoo rilly survived liven with the (MAN OF THE HOUSE ) and NOW, the slavery dayz is  over !
Rhonda, are you sanging a new song today?  Like um.....   I'M LEAVIN....DON'T EVEN TRY TA SLOW ME DOWN.......
sumone that growed up neer that Diane Sawyers woman

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