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Good Morning Rhonda, Julia, Tom, Mike B. Charles, Robert,Lib, Don, Carol, Susan, Dawg ''Mike'', Amy, Mark, John, Dean and ALL Ragers Everywhere.

I've been a little under the weather. Sunday after Church Service I always
stop by my Sis's house for the afternoon. She has the sweetest cat ''Jo Jo'' that always wants to come inside and take a snooze on my lap. He had been  on my lap for a while when my little niece came over. She was sitting next to me playing with some toys and started messing with him. She frightened him and he put 4 claws deep into the vien on my hand ...felt like an IV.
I knew right away it was going to be bad. Started swelling more and more that night and was very painful.
I called my Doctor the next morning . He said for me to get to the ER as soon as possible.
It was infected , swollen as big as two, up to my elbow and was turning purple.
The swelling hasn't gone down much yet and is still so painful I can barely use it. Guess it will take a while.
I still love him though ...I know it wasn't his fault.
I have missed everyone and wish you ALL a Blessed Day.

My husband broke his arm at work a couple weeks ago , so between us , we have 2 good arms left . lol


GEEZE LOUISE! I cant even spell my name .

OH NO Louise! That's terrible! I hope you both get your arms feeling better soon!
Robert Hall
GOOD morning Louise!..sorry to hear you got "cat scratch fever"!..

--Having two felines here myself,that will never allow you to trim their claws,I can relate ,I have been scratched by both of them on a pretty much daily basis!--all you need to do is touch that one place when your petting them,that they don't like being touched,and SLASH!..and it's off to the medicine cabinet for the hydrogen peroxide!..and it can take a long time to heal up!.

Sorry to hear about your unfortunate incident...looks like both of us have had a lousy week health wise...as you know,I've had a bad cold or flu since the day before Thanksgiving,that has made me very ill..

I had another BIG SCARE last night myself--had to call the EMT's,after I choked on a piece of STEAK at supper!!!..

This,after nearly dying just a week ago Saturday, the same exact way, when I choked on an apple!..ANOTHER close call with the grim reaper!!--this time I wasn't taking any chances..
I had my mother call 9-1-1..seemed like forever before they got here,and by then, I was barely breathing again..

When they arrived,I think two cops,and three EMT's came in--but they didn't want to give me the Heimlich maneuver,even though I was gasping for air..instead they just STOOD there,and watched me!!..after a few moments, I knew the steak was still stuck in my throat,yet all but one EMT had went back outside!--finally he tells me to try sipping some water,and I choked again BAD--he still stood there, and did nothing!--then I finally hawked up the stuck piece,and was able to swallow again..

I couldn't believe they just stood by and watched!---neither could my mother,who by then was in tears and screaming for them to do something!..
Then I had to sign "release forms" ,because I refused to go to the ER,since I felt OK, once I could swallow again..it was like they couldn't wait to leave,and they never took my vital signs,BP,NOTHING!...that certainly didn't make me feel very "secure",I called them in case I DID need to be resuscitated,and now I wonder if they would have in time,had I not been able to get the steak out on my own!..

I'm just praying we don't end up being billed for their visit now..--of course it scared my mom to death AGAIN too . Didn't do MY heart any favors either!!..I feel like I've had two heart attacks now..

Looks like I'm going on a liquid diet ,no more steak ,apples,or solid food for me..cant chew things up good enough with my lousy 50 year old choppers any more..before I end up dead, I'd better eat things that cant choke me, like soup and oatmeal I guess..wish this darn cold would get out of my lungs,all the congestion only makes it easier for me to choke on everything..

Sorry I have nothing GOOD to report...
I hope everyone else is having better luck than Louise and I have had lately...

Tom Alman
There you are Louise! You were missed. Hope you get to feeling better. You are starting to spell like me. Don't get me started!

Tom Alman
I kinda thought you might be out grocery shopping after Thanksgiving dinner. I hope I didn't eat you out of house and home HEE! HEE!!


Good morning all !

Good Morning Everyone.

Thank you Sweet Julia, Robert and Tom.

Tom! you probably couldn't fine me because I changed my name
You and I must have had the same teacher in spelling class

I'm afraid its been canned soup around here for us this week. I still cant use my hand and arm . It is healing very slow. I can see a little improvement this morning though.
Glad you enjoyed my Thanksgiving dinner. COME AGAIN ! You're always welcome.

Robert. I pray you feel better soon . Be careful and take care.
I pray for you each day. Sounds like you had a very frightening experience.


See what happens? I post one poem about some good Christmas cats and all the other ones start to act up. Well, no catnip mice in their stockings, I'll tell ya...

Something similiar happened to me.

One summer afternoon I fell asleep on my couch. I woke up to Pooh, one of my 2 cats, chewing on me. Not nibbling, either, but really planning on a snack.

I now try to make myself less tasty at all times.

Dean TBB
Dean, I don't think I've ever had anything happen to me that has been this painful.
My little Tally girl knows I've been sick ...she tries to comfort me.

Did you get an infection from the bite?
I think the reason mine was so bad , it went into my blood stream.

Hope you're day has been a good one.
Louise, Robert, and Rhonda and Kathy Mattea fans:

This will definitely cheer you up...

Kathy's Mattea's latest release, "COAL", is one of this year's final 5 nominees for the Grammy Award in the Traditional Folk category. 
Released in April 2008, "COAL" has been both a critical milestone and a commercial success, fueling an expanded tour schedule and bringing Kathy's music to new and wider audiences this year. 
Other nominees are Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Peggy Seeger, and Rosalie Sorrels. 
Winners will be announced at the live TV event broadcast from the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 9, 2009. 

Gosh, Louise!  I sure hate to hear about your health issue with the cat.  Take good care of that and get well soon. 


I love your sweet spirit, your positive postings and attitude, your good humor and your affection for cats - and your love of RHONDA!!!

My life is richer for friends like you, even if we're only e-mail buddies...

Just thought you'd like to know.


Dean, Thank you so much for the sweet words. You have made my night so much brighter.  my hand even feels better. lol

It is so good to see you post. I have been away for awhile as well. My parents came down for Thanksgiving which was great And then I was gone all last week to Houston on a business trip.  I have been praying for you and will contuine to keep you in my prayers.

Hope you have a very blessed day!!!!

Good Morning Ragers!!!
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