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don nz

Good morning Julia, you sure are an early riser., it`s 10.15 pm here.(Thursday )

ol mt fiddler

Good Morning Prez!!, n to all the Ragers!

Mike B

Good morning, Y'all!

Tom Alman
As Susan would say.


Funny Tom

Cut & Curl

Good morning everyone.  First time I have posted this early.  Been out on ambulance so just stayed up.  Got to get to work.  Everyone have a great day.

Doug Carl

Good Morning!

This week has been going so slow, but now it's finally speeding up. I'm glad.

Y'all have a great day!!


Good Morning everyone!!

I love how all the smiley fellas wave at the same time
Jane H
Good Morning Miss Samantha Lynn,
R U in school today?????? Mom H

Jane, Samantha Lynn better be in school!! I wonder if her teachers know that she's on the message board?  Hi Sami, Mommie loves you.

hi moms! yes i'm in school. i don't think the teacher knew i was on the message board... but oh well. have a good day everyone!

Sami....if the teacher says anything, tell her that you're only on the message board for educational purposes.....you have your math class thanks to Charles' Sally Mountain Countdown, your current events with Herby's football previews, History lesson from the ancient photo of Herby posted on his birthday eve, communication thanks to all of our Rager DJs, spelling (or in some cases misspellings, and of COURSE your music class is covered too!

Hope this helps!
Gee El Keh Bye

Only you would notice that, Sami.  Okay, everybody add a smiley fella to amuse Samantha Lynn while SHE'S STUDYING SO HARD!!!!!

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