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Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning,

Check out the Sweet Brenda & Him show on the bobcat this morning 7 - 10am http://www.bobcatcountryradio.com we play the Best Bluegrass Gospel around.

Call toll free 1-800-849-4146 or email us right here.
Julia and Richard
Good Morning Brenda and Calvin! We're listening in WV!
Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning,
I was thinking you were in Tenn. now.
Julia and Richard
we're getting there We took a moving van down a couple of weeks ago and took alot of our stuff down, but won't make the final move to TN until after Richard retires on May 15th....less than a month!!!!
Sweet Brenda & Him

Hey, is it going to be a party?

We could party at Amelia on the 16th but we'll be loading up the moving van on that day, so you guys can celebrate for us This will be the first Amelia show I've missed in quite some time
Don A.

Listening in at work.

Thanks for playing bluegrass gospel.

Sweet Brenda & Him

Don't work to hard.


Good Morning everyone! What a great day.


We are listening while eating breakfast in NE PA.  It is a beautiful spring day of 54 degrees. 

Mike Garlock
Good Morning Brenda & Calvin,

    I'm listening at work also.  Great Show this Morning.  Mike G.
Good Morning from the Martha White Bluegrass Express!!!  We've got the hammer down, on the way to Music City USA!!

Thanks for the uplifting music!!! 

Sweet Brenda & Him
Good Morning,

Not a better way to wake, by listening to Sweet Brenda & Him.

Rhonda is next.
Very good show this morning.

And Don, the only reason you're listening at work is because nobody got sick or there were no accidents, lol.
Hey Brenda.

I really enjoyed the festival (GREAT).

I wanted to find out about playing at the restaurant at Blackstone on Friday nights. Our group would be interested in playing there. We also are interested in playing at other events that you may need some groups.

Name of group:  Homegrown Bluegrass
Members:  Doug Moore (guitar)
                  Freida Penzer(dobro)
                 BuddyTaylor (banjo)
                 Jeremiah Gilmer 12 yrs old (mandolin) 
                Dennis Gilmer (bass)

Contact:  Doug or Freida   @ 434-372-5804 (home)  434-579-3102 (cell)



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